Dancing in the Rain

Summer is a normal happy girl. There is just one problem. She is mute. Ever since her father died she didnt wanna talk anymore. So, Summer is lonely. She feels alone in her own little world. Until she meets Kaden. Co-Edited by the amazingly awesome M.F. Park!!!


2. Chapter Two

A/N: Hey everyone! If you are reading this thx!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy chapter two. Questions or comments? Then comment. xD As always love to my wonderful co-editor @M.F. Park. 

     Signed: L.M.P.



 The wooden door to the cluttered office groans in protest as I push it open. The familiar scent of air freshener slides into my nose, bringing an immediate pounding headache to attack. I walk to the front desk, which is covered in cluttered papers. 

"Can I help you?" A lady with blonde hair cut in a bob, green eyes, and a high voice asks whilst turning her awful pop music down.

"Hi, Ms-" Kaden starts, then realizes he doesn't know her name. 

"Caty," she says, taking his cue. 

"Ms. Caty," he says. He gestures to me. "She lost her schedule. Could she get a new one?"

"This girl is?" She asks, rapping her long fingernails harshly onto the keyboard. Poor keyboard. Yes, I realize that I am sympathizing a inanimate object. Don't judge. 

"Well, I don't really know her name....." He replies looking at me as if seeing my face will change the fact.  I just shrug at him.

"Well you gotta tell me your name somehow," she says, annoyance apparent on her pale face. I gesture towards a notebook. She hands it over and I write my name.

"Ah, Ms. Summer I have heard a lot about you." Caty replies. I look at her waiting for her to say what she has heard about me, but she keeps steadily tapping away on her keyboard. I internally sigh. Kaden looks at me and says,

"Oh, so your name is Summer." He sticks his hand out. "It's very nice to meet you Summer." I shake his hand and nod my head to let him know I say the agree. The lady then grabs my schedule from the printer and hands it to me. 

"Thank you." Kaden said.

"You're welcome." She replies then turns her music up and gets on her phone. I roll my eyes. This woman needs some real music.

"Well, can I see your schedule?" Kaden asks sticking his hand out. I nod and hand it over.

"Wow, we have 5 classes together; Science, math, world history, gym, and art." I just nod and take my schedule back. We both start walking and it is silent. But it's not an awkward silence. It's a comfortable silence. 

"Room 222 right?" He asks in the silence, startling me. I jump and nod.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," he apologizes with a grin. I shrug. I was in my own little world. It happens a lot. We arrive at the room. I walk in just as the bell rings. I look around and see that we have assigned seats. Is that really necessary? What is this, kindergarten? I walk around trying to find my name. I finally find it and sit down. I look to see who is beside me. Its Kaden. I look at his name tag. His last name is Puckett. Huh? Who would'a thought we would have even close to the same last names? I then pull out my notebook and write Art, Summer Phillips. I put my pencil down and wait for the teacher to come in. I feel someone tap my shoulder so I turn. Its Kaden. I look at him and raise my eyebrow. He hands me a note.

 Hey He had written. His handwriting was surprisingly neat. 


So is this how we should talk in class???

Here's a even better idea. How about we pay attention. xD I don't wanna fail

True, but if you get bored i'm here

The exact time that I had finished reading the teacher walked in. He was old. He had a huge bald spot in the back of his head, he was wearing a brown suit. 

"Hello class." He says then looks at us expectantly. 

"Hello Mr. Lee." The class replies. I sigh. Its gonna be one of those classes. 

"Today's assignment is to draw a picture of someone who inspires you. It will be due next Monday. You can work on it everyday in class. I don't mind quiet chatter, but as soon as you guys get loud no more talking." He says and then pulls put his phone. Are all the staff this useless? I pull out my note book away realizing that we wont be taking notes and instead pull out my sketch book. My sketch book not only has my drawings but also my song lyrics. It is very personal to me. No-one has ever seen it. I think about who inspires me and the first thing that comes to mind is my mom. I pull out my phone and open a picture of me and my mom. I decide to draw it. I get lost in my art world and when I look up I realize that Kaden has been watching me.

"Wow," He whispers. "You're really good!" I shrug and continue. 

"No, you're like REALLY good." He says. I look over at his drawing its a Nirvana logo. I wanna laugh. I just point at his picture and give him a thumbs up. He smiles. 

"You like Nirvana." I nod. And get back to work. About 20 minutes later the bell rings. I go to put my sketch book in my backpack and couldn't fit it. So, I decided to just carry it. I get up and sling my backpack over my shoulder and start walking. 

"Hey Summer wait up." I stop in my tracks and wait for him to catch up. 

"Wait," He bows. "My lady, I would love to carry your books for you." I just grin and hand him my sketchbook and bow back. He starts laughing its like honey. I almost swoon. I want to laugh back. But I cant so I just smile. I get through the rest of the day with Kaden. The classes I didn't have with him I sat quietly. By the end of the day I was feeling better than I have in years. Then she struck like a snake. Pounced like a tiger. She came in like a tornado and ripped my house right off it's foundation. 

She attacked.







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