Dancing in the Rain

Summer is a normal happy girl. There is just one problem. She is mute. Ever since her father died she didnt wanna talk anymore. So, Summer is lonely. She feels alone in her own little world. Until she meets Kaden. Co-Edited by the amazingly awesome M.F. Park!!!


4. Chapter Three (Part Two)

   A/N:  OMG OMG OMG you guys are absolutely AMAZING!!! 1000+ views!! I love you! My keyboard is broken so kinda hard to type.

     *5 minutes before*

 I was silently walking through the grass when I hear someone behind me. I turn around and look up to see Kelesy and her "crew." I sigh and look at them. 

"Hey there little mute." she says her signature hand-on-hip move turned on. I roll my eyes and try to go back to my phone. 

"Hey bitch im talking to you I know you heard me. You aren't Deaf to are you?" she says with a smug smile. wow this girl is a smart cookie huh? I roll my eyes again. I turn around and look back at her with a frown. 

"well I just wanted to say, stay away from Kayden." I look closely at her and then go back to my phone again. 

"HEY, don't ignore me," I keep scrolling through my phone. I feel someone kick me to the ground. "Now mute, i'm gonna tell you one more time. stay away from Kayden, K?" As much as I wanted this to be over I wasn't going to take it anymore. I shaked my head no and looked down. I felt someone kick my side. I doubled over and held my stomach.

"You should've just listened, what are you gonna do now Mute?" And that was when it started. Kelesy picked me up and slammed my face into the wall. "Tell someone?" Tears roll down my face as I think of what I did to deserve this. For about 10 minutes I was beat up and yelled at. About two minutes after they left I passed out. I dreamt of Kayden picking me up. I could smell him. He smelt like mint and old spice. I felt myself smile.

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