Dancing in the Rain

Summer is a normal happy girl. There is just one problem. She is mute. Ever since her father died she didnt wanna talk anymore. So, Summer is lonely. She feels alone in her own little world. Until she meets Kaden. Co-Edited by the amazingly awesome M.F. Park!!!


1. Chapter One

A/N: Just a quick little authors note. HI! My name is Lydia (L.M.P) and I wanted to say this is only like my third book so please dont judge to hard. Although I would love to hear any questions you have about this book. Also I would love to thank the bestest co-editor EVER! She did an amazing job!!! She put all the character in this story. @M.F. Park




I walk noiselessly down the familiar school hallways. I see the familiar people, but for some reason, they're all faceless. Hundreds of bodies with no personalities. They talk, though the noise seems to be coming from thin air rather than from people. It's like I'm walking through a swarm of bees; all ready to sting, all buzzing mindlessly. As I approach my locker, I finally see someone with a face. It's a nice face. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. 

"Hi," I say. He grins. 

"Hey," he says, biting his lip in an unexplainable way that is undeniably sexy. "What's your name?"

"Summer," I say with a sly grin. "Yours?" I grin, lifting an eyebrow slightly. 


"Well, Kaden," I say, my voice filled with lust. "Can you show me where room 213 is?"


We walk through the tornado of words, down the hall, but we're like the eye of the storm; oddly calm, quiet, and peaceful. 

"I'll see you around, Summer," he says, leaning against the wall outside of room 213. 

"See you around," I say, as the bell starts shrieking it's shrill warning. 

"SUMMER! Turn that alarm off." My mom yells. Damn.

I shoot upright in bed and turn my alarm off. I groan in disappointment. Of course it was a dream. I get up and put on a pair of black tights and a large white t-shirt. I just have to get through today; the first day of sophomore year. I'm right in the middle of the pack. The eye of the storm. I walk down the stairs, silently as always, and start packing my lunch. 

"Hi, honey," Mom says, ruffling my hair. 

"Hey mom." I sign back. I frown as I fix my hair. 

"Did you sleep ok?" She asks. 

"Yeah. I slept great," I sign and smile.

"Oh. Thats good. Well, I am working late tonight." 

"Thats fine," I sign, putting my lunch bag in my backpack. 

"Alright, I have to go. Give me a hug and off to work I go." I pull her into a hug and she walks out the door. She then walks back in.

"Eat breakfast." She says then walks back out. I roll my eyes and wait till she leaves and then walk out the door. Since I'm only 15, I don't have my license yet. Just a damn-near-useless permit. So, instead of driving I ride my bike to school. There is no way in Hell I am riding that bus. I put my headphones in put on my 21 Pilots radio and get on my bike. Finally I arrive at school and walk through the door. Someone pushes me into a locker because they are not looking at where they are going. It's a guy. Not just any guy. It's the guy from my dream. The guy with the nice face. The eye of the storm. 

"Shit, I'm sorry," he says, bending down to pick up the books that were knocked out of my hands. I can do nothing but stand there and watch. 

"Sorry," he says again. I just nod. He keeps, looking at me in the questioning way a child or a cat would. 

"Well, I'm Kaden," he says. What's your name?" He asks. He must be new this year. He doesn't know. I say nothing. I turn on my heel and start walking, noiselessly, down the hall to room 213. I know exactly where it is. 

"Hey, wait up!" He calls after me. "Where are you headed?" I nod at the schedule that's clenched in my pale, sweaty hand.

"You don't talk much, do you?" Way to point out the obvious. "Oh, well can I see your schedule?" I nod and go to hand it to him when it gets snatched out of my hand. I look over to see who had it. It's Kelsey. Miss Queen Bee. Miss Tornado. The opposite of the eye of the storm. Wonderful, just what I need right now.

"Hey cutie," she says to Kaden, pushing her shoulders back to make her breasts look bigger. 

"Hello," He points at my schedule. "I think that's hers," he says, pointing at me. Wonderfull. Nice-face is an idiot.

"Wait, your talking to the mute?" She laughs, raising her eyebrows in disbelief.

"Mute?" Kaden asks me. I find a very interesting ball of dust on the floor to examine.

"Yeah, she doesn't talk. Like, ever. It's not like she can't. I mean, she used to. She's just too pathetic. Like, Oh, Daddy died, time to shut up now. Poor me." She says coldly, her words slicing through me like a hot knife through butter. Like a tornado through a small town.

"I think you should give this nice girl her schedule and walk away." Kaden says and reaches out for it. 

"Fine." Kelsey replies. She goes to hand it to him. Instead of putting it in his hands she sticks it in the trash. Then pulls out her water bottle and holds it over the trashcan. 

"So, Mute, you gonna say anything?" I say nothing. "Thats what I thought." She grabs her cap and unscrews it and pours her water or whatever it is all over my schedule. She walks away laughing. Wow. You must be a real idiot if you think that's a big move. Yeah, 'cause it'll take so much effort to walk to the office and grab another one. Or search it up on my phone. 

"Im so sorry." Kaden says. I just shrug and head to the office to get my new schedule. Kaden follows. This is gonna be a long day. 

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