Lily J Quinn

The adventures of Lily J Quinn follows the clown King and queen's daughter Lily and her journey of self discovery and kicking ass


1. princess of Gotham city

"Tick tock tick tock" my body sways upside down from the curtain pole with my legs straddled along it as I watch the pendulum of the sitting room clock swing from left to right. My body moves with motions of the clock decor although with the two hatchet blades that are attached to either side of it, the pendulum seems to be more of a deadly weapon rather than anything else.

I move my eyes from the hypnotic trans of the pendulum and down to the never ending brown ringlets of hair. Although being 4 feet off the ground my hair still manages to hit the mahogany floor boards. I follow the trail of brown until it slowly becomes a pigmented array of purple, pink, green and blue. I comb my hands through the locks of thick hair and curls, closing my eyes to imagine I'm underwater or in outer space. Combing my hair with my hair with my hands has nothing to do with either but it's a comfort thing, it helps me relax.

I let my mind drift and wander, ignoring all outside sounds as I continue to sway and run my fingers through my hair. I don't notice the hours slipping away from me, the sun slowly leaving my back in exchange for to moon which couldn't be nearly as warm. I could still hang here forever well my maybe not forever because it's dark which is when I come alive.

My thoughts are broken by a gut twisting laugh with can only belong to one person, the clown King of Gotham city A.K.A my dad. It sounded sadder this time, like he's been hurt. I pop open my eyes to see his bright green hair glistening against the moon light. "How's my princess" he says twisted as ever I might add. I slowly lower my body down and squirm as my bare feet hit the icy wood floor. I run over to him on my tippy toes and squeeze him as tight as I can smiling. After we release from the embrace he bends down to my level and looks me in the eyes " we have work to do lily". I look at his soul shaking smile and listen to each and every word as he says it in the slowest most evil way possible and I can tell we're going to have some fun.

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