The Devil's Vesper: Book Two of the Devil's Gospel

After losing her deal with the Devil, Naomi Hart finds herself married to the Devil and living in Hell. She now finds herself fighting a whole new battle; to try and get home to her real husband Robb, her friends and her Dad. But to do that, she has to find out why exactly Lucifer wanted her in the first place.
Lucifer has been plotting to bring the Apocalypse to Earth, and she plays a vital part in it.
Before she knows it, Naomi is thrown back to Earth and she has to find out a way to stop it, and return to her family.
The battle against Lucifer and his forces proves more difficult than Naomi could imagine, and with the fact she has to convince her family she is actually alive thrown in; she is in for a whole new fight.
Faced with overwhelming odds, Naomi needs to find Robb and get his help before time runs out and her entire existence is compromised, but with his belief in her diminished, Naomi’s battle seems even more difficult than she could have ever thought.


18. Seventeen



    Robb stared at Nicole, trying to work this out. This was completely crazy, but then again, everything since the Naomi had told him about the Devil had been crazier than the last. But this one, this took the bloody biscuit. He’d been saying it since he started researching that this was possible, yet now he was faced with it, he wasn’t sure whether he believed it or not. Of course, she spoke like Naomi, she was telling the damn story as if it had been real, and only Naomi would know what happened down there, and as for the apocalypse, well… Robb knew that was coming, and Nicole spoke of it like she knew exactly what was going on. As if it were Naomi.

    This was entirely plausible; Nicole had no freaking idea about what really happened surrounding Naomi’s death, his marriage to her or about Lucifer being real. He knew enough about Nicole to know that she didn’t even believe in all the religious stuff or God or Lucifer or demons or any of it. So why the bloody hell would she turn up at their door at half two in the morning yelling about how she was Naomi and she’d been down to Hell and now she was Naomi’s soul in Nicole’s body… it just didn’t seem ridiculous enough to be a joke. It sounded… well, it sounded real, and it sounded like his wife.

    But he couldn’t get over the fact she chose Nicole’s body. He understood why, for practical reasons, plus, they had buried her body, but that was easily fixed. He just didn’t understand why someone he knew, someone they both knew. Why?

    “Robb?” Isaac suddenly broke their moment, and he looked away and back at the beer sat in front of him. He kept silent, but took the beer and drained some of it down his throat. He didn’t know the time and to be honest, he didn’t care. He hadn’t gotten drunk since he first met Anna; she’d kept him on the straight and narrow in regards to the alcohol. Now he was seeing his wife supposedly in someone else’s body, well hell, he needed it. He was going to listen to this while getting hammered, then go back into his bedroom and see Anna again. She’d asked him to explain it when she went back into the bedroom and he gave her the quickest explanation that actually, the Lucifer thing was true, but he’d explain later. The fact he actually knew deep down that Naomi was in there didn’t phase him one bit. It was that he knew she knew that he’d been sleeping with someone else, and she was now sound asleep in their bed. That was going to be one hell of a situation to explain away to her.

    “What?” Robb responded eventually to Isaac, feeling the beer and sick mix. Not a nice experience, if he had to admit it, but damn, the alcohol in there was working already, all of it began numbing the pain.

    “What do you think about this?” his best friend asked.

    Robb sighed, drained some more beer and put it back on the table. He looked again at Nicole and blinked. “Tell me something.”

    “Anything,” Nicole/Naomi… whatever, answered.

    “Tell me something only Naomi would know, prove it to me that you really are Naomi,” Robb said. He needed something proper, something real. He believed her, he did, but he just needed to be sold on it.

    He watched Nicole or Naomi, hesitate for one minute. “I keep a diary of every important thing of the year, and it’s sitting in my bedside cabinet. It’s colour coded.”

    “What are the colours?” Robb asked; he knew this, of course. He hadn’t touched the thing at all, ever. That was Naomi’s personal diary, for her notes, appointments, whatever, and she sometimes wrote personal things in there, so he thought it best to keep out of there, out of pure respect.

    “Blue for appointments and meetings or whatever I have on that day. Red for periods. Black for personal stuff like my personal journal type stuff,” she told him. She had it.

    “Then I believe you,” Robb nodded and looked at Isaac before draining the rest of the beer in one. “It’s Naomi.”


    “Robb, I…” Naomi/Nicole… he needed to make up his mind what to call her… said but she stopped.

    “How exactly… I…” Isaac started. He looked between Robb, Mia and Naomi for a moment, unsure of what to do.

    “Is nothing she’s said to you about it all proved it to you? You complete idiot!” Mia snapped. “Naomi is in there, listen to her!”


    “Robb?” Naomi asked. Robb took the bottle out to the kitchen. He put his arms on the bench and leant his head down, trying to stop the tears from falling from his eyes, but whatever he did, they just fell anyway. This was fucking weird, he couldn’t…

    He thought that as soon as she was back, he would open his arms and she would fall into them, they would be reunited like a damn romance novel or something, and everything would be okay. But he never imagined this… he didn’t even see this coming; he never expected a different woman to be standing at the door, he didn’t imagine another body would have his wife in it. He didn’t want it to be someone he knew.

    Robb wanted more than anything to go out there, take his wife in his arms and kiss her stupid, to hug her and never let go, to take her to their room and never let her go, but he couldn’t bring himself to… because that was not his wife. That was not Naomi. That was Nicole, but with Naomi’s soul. He couldn’t kiss her without knowing he was actually kissing Nicole. He couldn’t hug her without hugging Nicole. He couldn’t even sleep with his own wife without running the risk of getting Nicole pregnant. How the Hell did Naomi not think of that, or did she do it on purpose?

    No she wouldn’t have.

    Not to mention that she just swanned back into his life without thinking. Hell, not even Robb thought he would ever find someone else. But he did, and Naomi just turned up in someone else’s body expecting him to just whisk her back up into her arms. He couldn’t… he loved another as well.

    “Robb?” Naomi walked in, standing behind him. He could tell she was nervous to speak to him, let alone touch him, and so she should, he thought.

    “Tell me something,” he said, keeping himself in the same position. “Did you even think about the fact that I can’t even kiss you without kissing another woman?”

    Everything between them fell silent.

    “Did you even think about the fact that I could come back when you buried my body?” she responded.


    It was then that he turned to look at Nicole, but in reality, even in that one sentence, he knew it was Naomi, for absolute definite. No one but her would respond to his pissed off tone with an even worse tone; something that he would usually blow a fucking lid at, but because it was her, he never would. And she knew that would get him, she knew if he ever had any shade of doubt over the fact that it was her in that body, she knew saying that would get rid of that doubt.

    “Naomi?” he said weakly, lowering his defences. He felt the tears in his eyes, falling and betraying his usual strong hold over his emotions. “It’s really fucking you.”

    “Hey,” she said, a smile lighting up Nicole’s face. It was something he had to get used to for now, he supposed. But right at that moment, he didn’t care who it was.

    “Naomi Hart,” he choked on a smile, the tears falling from his eyes. He approached her, reaching out a hand and placing it on Nicole’s face. It was weird, it was really weird, but he knew it was really Naomi, it was his wife. It was the woman he’d lost, but now he had her back. Albeit in a different body, but he could see her in there, somehow.

    “Robb Hart,” she responded and she leant her face into his hand.

    “Can you feel everything?” Robb asked her.

    “It’s like I’m me, but just wearing a different body,” she explained. “Think of it like I’ve gone for plastic surgery. I’m still me, Robb, I can feel everything.”

    “What about Nicole?” he asked.

    “She’s in here, but right deep down. I control her, but I can still hear her, and she me,” Naomi explained. “Don’t worry about it, Robb, please.”

    He laughed at her. “I’m not worried, I’m fucking… you’re back. I can’t… you don’t know what you’ve put me through.”

    She smiled and took his hand in his. “I know, well, actually, no I don’t, but all the same, I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t you dare apologise,” he chuckled. “If I… if I kiss you, will you feel it? It won’t be too weird?”

    Naomi laughed. “Robb, just fucking kiss me will you?” He laughed and obliged her; feeling the huge, gaping hole he had since she died suddenly be healed within the second of their lips meeting; everything in his world was fixed. He didn’t care she was in a different body and he didn’t care it was probably the weirdest fucking thing ever to look at, all he cared about was the fact that his wife was there with him, kissing him, and though it was technically Nicole, he was still with his wife.

    “This is probably really weird, isn’t it?” Naomi asked with a laugh.

    “Only to look at,” Robb agreed. In a single moment, everything before had fizzled out. There was no one in their bed, it was just Robb and Naomi. No other body, no one between them, it was like it was before.  But he was all too aware of the situation he was in, whether he liked it or not. His wife, or his girlfriend. Dead wife, that was. Mia and Isaac walked in the kitchen.

    “I just wanna say I’m sorry, okay? This is still a little weird for me, so don’t expect me to suddenly give you a massive hug right now. I just… I need to get used to it,” Isaac said.

    “I understand,” Naomi nodded, turning serious.

    “Come here you complete arsehole,” Mia said, embracing her best friend in a tight hug. “I hate you for what you’ve fucking done to us, you complete bitch. But I love you so much and I missed you like God knows what, and I don’t even care if you’re not Naomi’s real body, I love you, you complete idiot but lovely woman you.”

    Naomi scoffed. “I love you too, you fucking imbecile.”

    “She really is back, look at that,” Robb scoffed.

    “Now does anyone mind if I just go to sleep right now? I’m really, really tired,” Naomi said.

    “Honestly? No, because we haven’t really slept either,” Isaac said. The four of them looked between each other one more time before Mia and Isaac nodded and went to bed without another word.

    “Robb, I…” Naomi started but Robb shook his head, not wanting to hear it.

    “No, don’t say anything more. Let’s just… let’s just go to bed, and get some sleep, okay?” he said. “I’ll go get you a duvet and pillow.” He couldn’t let her in the bed, he just couldn’t. For a start, Anna was in there. For another thing, he couldn’t sleep beside Nicole’s body, even if it was indeed Naomi in there. That, for now, was one step too far.

    When he came back in the room with the things, she frowned at him. He did his best to ignore it, he couldn’t do it.

    “Robb, we need to talk,” she said. He knew she was talking about Anna, and he knew they had to discuss it.

    “Not now,” he said.

    “Robb, please,” she pleaded. He managed to look at her. He’d had the initial giddiness, the kiss, the hug and the elated feeling. Now it was all crashing down, it was becoming real. They had to hide her from the Devil, and they had to find Naomi’s body. But more than that, they needed to sort themselves out. It was a mess.

    “I can’t,” he admitted.

    “Who is she?” Naomi asked him. He took his eyes off his dead wife who was in someone else’s body and walked back into his room without another word.


    “I think… I think I get it,” Anna said. He’d explained everything, from the minute Naomi told him about the Devil to the minute he walked back into the room before getting back into bed. Anna had remained still and silent throughout and it had worried him. Anyone in their right mind would listen to not even half the story and run a mile and never look back. But she’d told him it would all be okay and that she understood.

    “If you want to get out and leave now, honestly I wouldn’t blame you,” he said to her. They looked each other in the eyes and smiled.

    “Robb, I don’t want to. But equally, your wife is back. Well, kind of. If anyone should be running from the other here, it’s you,” Anna said. “And I would get it. I would understand.”

    He sighed deeply at that. He was torn. Half of him agreed with what she was saying and wanted to run into Naomi’s arms and never let her go again, even though she was in Nicole’s body. The other half of him though, that bit resented her. He couldn’t understand the anger or resentment, but he hated it. He wanted Anna and that was that. Naomi died, left him here alone and just fucked off with Lucifer, and he found solace in someone else, someone he loved.

    “I don’t think I can go to her though, even if you weren’t here. It’s weird. I love her, of course I do, and she was my wife. Is. I don’t even know the legalities anymore. But I love her, but I hate her. She left me here. And I love you,” he admitted.

    Anna smiled and planted a kiss on his chest. It didn’t feel weird though, he thought it would, sleeping beside someone else when Naomi was in the other room. But it wasn’t really her, and he didn’t feel weird.

    “Get some sleep. You do need to talk to her tomorrow. She knows, and it must hurt for her; to her, she died and came back to find you moved on with someone else. It’s not fair if you don’t tell her and have it out,” Anna said. Robb looked at her, in awe of her empathy for Naomi.

    “I love you,” he admitted, kissing her. He needed to prove to himself more than anything, though.

    “I love you too,” she said in between kisses. He knew he shouldn’t for Naomi’s sake, just in case, but he couldn’t help himself. He loved Anna and his wife, but Anna had been there when he needed comfort, all these weeks. “Robb, we shouldn’t, your wife is in there.” She pushed him off her and he took a breath.

    “Then be quiet,” he smirked and kissed her again, knowing deep down she was right, but he needed it more than anything. He needed her.

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