Haunted House

For the Rule of Lore: Create Your Own Worlds Competition.


4. Societies

As mentioned before, there are two main societies with wizarding power and those without.

Each Wizard has wells and these wells are in a sense wells of power. The usual number of wells per wizard is three. Gifting wells from one person to another can be done but is looked down on as cheating the hierarchy in the wizard society. The more wells and the larger they are, the more powerful and influential a wizard is. Each well links to different elements, therefore more wells means a wider range of wizarding work. (NOTE: it is NOT magic, its Wizarding Work, or wiz - a more colloquial term. Magic is associated with fantasy and childish names. Like the tooth fairy that is believed to be real as a kid until you learn that it was your parents. The action is still done but you now look on it with a more mature mind and heart knowing the truth.) Like all things natural, they are controlled by the Rule of Three in any form of wiz they do. Just like any wizard in any story or universe you have to speak to command things to happen and there is usually some action to go with it. 

Words of power here is Latin, it is the base of all languages and the oldest. Latin is also a more sacred language to them. It is not spoken in daily use, only when using wiz. Each element is called by latin name and fall into the category of either building, injuring, or healing. The elements then are set like this; terra (earth, building), ignis (fire, injuring), aqua (water, healing) - at its purest form only; solum (bottom, building), inpes (rapid motion, injuring), unda (fluid motion, healing) - allowing more impurities in the element controlled; metallum (metal, building), aer (air, injuring), glacies (ice, healing) - more difficult to manage; sanguinem (blood, building), fulgur (lightning, injuring), tempus (time, healing) - the most difficult of all. The actions behind Wiz (on the first level 3 wells) only in the hands, (on the second level 4-9 wells) in the hands and arms, and (on the third level 10-12 wells) the whole body.
The first act of wiz completed by each wizard is changing their ears to something that reflects their personality. Before this ceremony they are just learning the basics as if they were in primary school. And to graduate to be a legal wizard they must use wiz upon themselves. 


These are the non-wizards. They consider themselves to be of higher standing than wizards saying they have 'evolved' from relying on primal things such as wells. Becuase they can invent creations with their own hands and are not held down by the Rule of Three.
Latin here is taught in school on a casual basis as part of the language curriculum. It was done so, to rebel against the old thoughts that latin was a scraed language only used for power. Huebans enjoy living in skyscraper tall buildings which fuel their pride and ambition to stand above all Wizards. The social scale is somewhat like our medieval times with kings and queens, nobles and lords, middle class, and then peasants and slaves.
Despite thinking themselves of higher thinking, Huebans have not evolved their sense of equality. Women have limited freedom, though, at this day and age, it is on the move and they are slowly gaining more respect and a place in the political and economic world. Meanwhile, for Wizards it is the complete opposite where all genders get a say in the world, there is respect on all sides and it never bothers anyone if there are more men/women than the other in any work field.

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