Haunted House

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6. Characters: Natasha and Mr. & Mrs Graff

Natasha and Mr. & Mrs. Graff (Huebans)

As briefly hinted at in the first chapter, Natasha is a bit of a rebel when it comes to her parents. She will dress in baggie street clothes and never brush her hair. Despite her generous head knowledge and potential, she chooses to indulge is more pop-culture things like most teenage girls do (especially 13 year olds). A bit of a misfit but hides it in her devious schemes in spicing up everyday life. She will spook the cooks and prank the butler but only stand tall and somewhat respectable when her father is present.

Natasha's parents are very much pro-female and hence send her off to a prestigious school to get her along in the world and become a great leader. There is a huge gap in communication between the parents and Natasha which often leaves both sides in distress and anger. They have tried all their lives to fit Natasha into the ball gowns as a respectable daughter of a nobel would. They tried educating her in all the fine arts and "womanly trades" to fit into society. Despite their feministic views, they do believe that a women needs a man in her life to help move her up the social scale. This is why they plan to have her go through numerous suiters each holiday season when she returns from her boarding school. Her father is a respected man in the court and detests any fumbling fools that cross his path, hence Natasha's instant change when her father is around. This is not based on respect but on fear.

A little bit on the boarding school Natasha is sent to. It is called Titania Woods Girls Academy and is situated only several kilometres away from the unsuspecting tenants at Haunted House and that is how the story is progressed, with Natasha who is brought up in a strict Hueban society with 100% anti-wizard but is open to new and dangerous things and the residents at Haunted House. How this event in history changed the rest of this world forever.

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