Haunted House

For the Rule of Lore: Create Your Own Worlds Competition.


3. Characters: Natadine & Mr. Clock

Natadine & Mr. Clock

Natadine is a very self-conscious Wizard who specializes in metallum and secondarily aer (this will be further discussed in the next chapter). After fleeing from the Wizard Council (whom she offended greatly and was thus branded a Rogue Wizard), she stumbled across an abandoned mansion hidden by a dense forest. She took to cleaning it up and there she made Mr. Clock. A 7ft tall robot with long gangly arms and on leg shorter than the other, but still the gentlest robot in the world. Together they, and some other small enchanted robots that Natadine created as they went, they turned the rundown mansion into an inn/diner/bar for other Rogue Wizards looking for a place to rest their head. They called it Haunted House.
In the first few weeks of setting up the inn, a Direhound stumbled onto their doorstep almost dead. They nursed him back to life and the Direhound, Rash, swore to repay them one day for saving his life. A week later Rash returned with his whole pack who swore loyalty to Natadine for saving one of their members. Of who the alpha of the pack is called Vicious. This pack of Direhounds now guard Haunted House keeping it safe from any Huebans or Council Wizards.

Above is a sketch of what Natadine looks like as well as Mr. Clock. And below is one of Haunted House itself (or a concept idea of what it might look like)

[I apologise for the bad quality of the images]

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