Haunted House

For the Rule of Lore: Create Your Own Worlds Competition.


1. Academy (Story Snippet)

As far as she was concerned, Natasha couldn't care less what was eloquently written with full moon curves and swishing cat-tails text. Any brochure brimming with empty promises and plastered smiles deterred her from even sparing a thought to accepting. She slouched before her mother who was eagerly flipping through the hundreds of envelopes holding expectant offers to the daughter of a well-paying family. 
"Oh! Look at this one darling!" Mrs Graff shoved another tri-folded sheet in Natasha's face. She sighed audibly, hefting the numerous other glamourous pamphlets in her aching arm before grudgingly snatching the new brochure from her mother's expectant hand. 
"Same old, same old." She mumbled under her breath skimming it to finding nothing strikingly new once again. Ignoring her actions, Mrs Graff spun her daughter around and patted her solidly on the back, prompting her to her room. 
"Now I want you to look closely at these, darling, and tell me which school you want to pick." She placed a dainty palm over her soft smile, "Oh darling, I'm so proud of you. Getting so many offers." She squeezed Natasha's cheeky proudly, "My little genius."
Natasha sighed again mumbling under her breath, "I'm fifteen already now ..."
"Now off! Off you go!" Mrs Graff's sweet smile disappeared with the butterfly blink of her eyelash extensions; replaced by the stern sharp glare like the sunlight reflecting off of a tin can. "And don't come down until you're done."

Up in the seclusion of her room, Natasha threw her papers across the floor like a magician scattering his cards for shuffling. With a hop, skip and a jump she divebombed the king bed, sliding to a halt amidst a mountain of pillows.

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