5sos: Prom?


2. -Chapter 2-

Iesha had cancelled and I sat on my bed just looking at the ceiling for at least 30 minutes. I decided to text Michael.

L- hey, you got anything to do?

M- did Iesha cancel?

L- yeah. Sucks balls, I really wanted to hang with her.

M- come over my house. We're having a party

L- ok. What time?

M- now. Duh. 🙉

L- monkey Mikey *giggles*

M- *chuckles* alright, want me to pick you up?

L- sure.💩

M- alright. Be ready in 15. 👅💦

L- weirdo. 💧👽💥💥👽💧

M- Lets get weird, if you know what I mean😉

L- come pick me up you butt face!

M- fine! Oh, it's a costume party bring your best costume!


I rolled my eyes and closed my phone. I went to my closet and looked for a costume. I took off my shirt and started to put on my pants for the costume. Someone knocked on the door. It was Michael.

Michael chuckled and said, "Nice 6 pack." "Thanks" I said and blushed. Why did I blush? I never acted this way around Michael before. He leaned in and kissed me. I let him wrap his arms around my waist and we walked backwards into my house after closing my door. He pressed me closer against his chest and pushed me against the wall. The one I liked was standing right in front of me my whole life. He's my best friend, and now he's my boyfriend.

I smiled as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"I've always wanted to kiss you. I just didn't know you liked me like that." Mikey said and but his lip. He smiled and I kissed his neck, leaving a hickey.

"Let's get that costume on you." He said and we headed up to my room. He sat on my bed and said, "Nice room."

"Thanks." I said and undressed in front of him. I was all undressed except for my boxers. Michael pulled me on top of him and I giggled as we fell on top of the bed.

"Mikey!" He was sliding his hands down the sides of my boxers.

"Not ready yet?" He took his hands out.

"Well, yes I am actually." I smiled and bit his lip. He moaned and slid his hands back down my sides. I sat up on his lap, leaving his back to the bed. I pulled his shirt up to his chest and smiled.

"Damn Mikey. You been working out?" I leaned down and kissed his stomach, leaving a hickey at each spot I kissed.

"Luke, we should get back to the party." I nodded and got dressed into my batman costume.

Michael chuckled, "What a coincidence, I'm being robin."

I giggled, you're more like a dark night. I should be robin."

M- "Okay, I'll let you borrow my costume, and I'll get changed into yours. Good?"

L-"yep!" I smiled and kissed the top of his forehead, standing in my tippy toes.

I gave him my costume and got dressed in only pants. We went into his car after I grabbed my phone and charger. He kept looking at my chest so I got unbuckled and sat on his lap.

"L-luke..." He said looking down at his pants. I chuckled.

"Dose Mikey have a boner?" He nodded.

"I'll take care of that once we get some free time after the party." I smiled and kissed his neck. I got back in the passenger seat and Michael rested his hand on my thigh. I looked out the window as he drove to his house.

I saw Iesha kissing another boy. 'Wow, I should've known.' I thought and held Michael's hand tighter on my thigh.

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