5sos: Prom?


1. -Chapter 1-

Luke's pov.

It's senior year of high school and prom is in 1 month. Yes I've been counting down. And I haven't asked any one yet because it's to early first of all. I always wait 'till two weeks before to ask a girl to go with me.

I've been eyeing a girl but I have to get to know her first if I wanna ask her to prom. I can't just go with some random stranger. She walked by. Damn.

M- "Dude you're drooling again."

I wiped my mouth and said, "Sorry, I can't help it sometimes. The way her ass shakes when she walks. Her slightly blue dyed hair, her black skinny jeans. Her crop top and her belly button piercing. Fuck. She's super hot. I'm not good enough for her. And her tan. Damn. Don't get me started about her tan. It perfects her whole body."

Michael chuckled and last period bell rang. He followed me because we have last class together. That girl did also. Time to make my move. I sat in the back with Michael and acted all cool. I rested my arms on the back of my chair and waited until she took her seat in front of me to ask her a question. I tapped on her shoulder and she spun her beautiful head around.

L- "Hey, I'm luke, what's your name?" I tried to act cool by crossing my legs and putting one arm around To rest on Michael's chair.

I- "I'm Iesha."

L-"Iesha? Pretty name for a beautiful girl."

Iesha giggled and said, "Thank you." I saw her bite her lip and I knew I was flirting right. The teacher told the class to settle down and we all fell silent.

••••••••••••••••after class••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

I ran to catch up with Iesha who was already half way down the wall and far, far from my locker. I tapped on her shoulder and she spun around.

I- "Luke, right? Whats up?"

L- "I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime? To hang out as just friends?" I chocked on the last part. I wanted to be more than friends. But I had to give it time.

I- "Sure. I'll give you my number." She smiled and took out a pen. She wrote her number on my palm.

I smiled and said, "See you at 6? Mall?" She nodded and kissed my cheek. Her friends giggled and walked away with her. I smiled Boldly.

I ran back to my locker and shoved all of my books in my back pack. I got my skateboard and put it on the floor. I strapped on my back pack and took out my earphones and phone. I played, 'Kids in the dark by all time low'. I pressed my foot on the ground and I took off down the hall.

I passed Iesha and smiled while passing her. She smiled back and I looked forward. I rode all the way home with a huge smile on my face.

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