Kidnapped by harry styles ?

Harry kidnaps Sarah how will she escape without leaving Harry because she loves him


1. How

One day I was walking home from school I saw sombody behind me that kept on following me I really couldn't see how he looked like so I didn't know what to expect then I felt that the same person grabbed me by my waist and I saw the person is was Harry styles wtf!! I tried to break away but I couldn't so he just took me to

His home I felt weird like why am I here why me I hate one direction and I don't like Harry styles he should of kidnapped sombody that likes one direction ugh! Harry said "when I saw u walking down the street I felt like I need u I need to keep u I want u in me and I was like Ew .lmfao so that was awkward and he said come to my room and I was like what the heck? Can I please go home my mom will be so worried sick about me why did I kidnapped me don't u have to go another direction to go do your music and shit geez leave me the fudge alone then suddenly i look in his eyes I felt connecting to him like he was right I think I like him? Harry: NO your not going home what's the point of me kidnapping u I keep u till I want to Urg

I'm so sorry I really can't write storys I'm new to this so I need some help the kinda feels awkward doe lmfao so if u think I need improvements comment on and tell me how I should fix my problems it will mean a lot to try to make my storys better :)

I'm not good at theses stories so ya comment things that I should improve on then I'll will do it

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