Pureblood No Longer

Their fathers may not approve, but Scorpius and Rose are slowly falling in love. Will Ron and Draco stop this from happening, or is it another Ron and Hermione love story?


5. Worst Christmas Ever

       "Ronald, how'd you feel if you weren't allowed to date me because I'm a muggleborn?" Mum asked dad after I told her about the situation. 

        "I'd punch whoever told me that and date you, your point?" He asked, this is how oblivious my dad and uncle are, they never see what is right in front of them.

        "Well that's what you're doing to Rose, she obviously really likes Scorpius, but because you don't like his father, you're not allowing her to date him. It's not fair to Rose, it's not fair to Scorpius who obviously would take good care of our daughter, and it's not fair to Draco, he's changed, me and Harry have been talking to him, he changed for his son." Hermione explained

      "I DON'T WANT MY DAUGHTER DATING A MALFOY!" He shouted "Now let's end this discussion before the kids get down here."  Mum shook her head in disappointment, she thought comparing the relationship to theirs would help but it didn't.

     "Kids, let's go, we have to be at the Potters in 5 minutes so we have to apparate." Mum shouted up at us. I was listening to the entire conversation, but I came down acting like nothing had ever happened. I was wearing a long flowy red dress with a glittery belt in the middle, in honor of Christmas obviously. The whole family linked arms and we apparated to the Potters house. It was decorated in Christmas lights, even the few gnomes seemed to be dressed up, the house was beautiful. We gathered round the fireplace to open presents before dinner but we couldn't start yet because according to Harry some people weren't here yet.

      "Harry, my wife and kids are here, your wife and kids are here, George and his wife and kids are here, Fleur and Bill and the kids are here, Mum and dad are here, Percy and the kids are here, even  Charlie made it out here, who could you possibly be waiting on?" Dad asked

     "Me and Draco were talking about how he and Scorpius celebrated Christmas, they'd open presents, eat breakfast and then usually would go out and do something since it was just them, but because of what happened, Draco is low on money, so they can't do anything except presents and breakfast. So I invited them." Harry said, my heart sped up, Scorpius was going to be here. Then it sunk, Dad was going to fight with the Malfoys all night.


       "Ronald Weasley, stop shouting right now, I may be old but I can still punish you." Mrs. Weasley scolded him, she may have been 84 years old but she still kept those boys in line.

        "Dad, Harry, please don't fight. It's Christmas." I said quietly.

        "I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't mean for it to go like that." Harry apologized.

        "Fine, but don't let me catch you around Scorpius tonight Rose." Dad replied, Molly glared at him, hopefully Grandma would straighten him out tonight. Finally there was a pop outside and in came Draco and Scorpius, all dressed up for Christmas, Scorpius looked around and saw me and his eyes lit up, but he had to sit on the other side of the room because my dad put his own needs and fights before mine. 

       "Rose? Do you want to start us off?" Grandpa asked excitedly.

       "Sure, but if there's a prank in here, you're getting mashed potatoes to the head tonight." I replied smiling, I opened up the bag from him and Grandma, and inside was a ton of candy from Honeydukes, I dug a little deeper and there was a little box.

      "It's a muggle camera, I think they call it  a polar bear or something." Grandpa said happily.

       "Mr. Weasley, it's Polaroid. Rose you take the picture and it comes out that little slit, and once it develops you've got an instant picture." Mum explained

       "Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! It's great." I said smiling, we went around the room opening one gift at a time, until we got to Scorpius and Draco.

         "We opened most of ours this morning to try and carry on the tradition, but I did get you one more thing Scorpius." Draco grinned, pulling a bag from under his chair and handing it to Scorpius, he opened the bag and pulled out a leather bound book. "Back when I was at Hogwarts, I had a camera similar to Rose's, this is a scrapbook of my youth, about your mother, and it's got more pages so you can carry on the story." Scorpius flipped open to a picture of his mother holding him as an infant, I couldn't see very well, but he looked like an adorable baby.

        "Thank you so much dad!" Scorpius said through tears, he hugged his father so tight for awhile, and then we moved on. I cast a smile to Scorpius whenever Dad wasn't looking. But soon enough we finished with only 3 prank bags, One to George from Fred II, One to Dad from Harry, and One to Percy from Charlie, obviously. Dinner was cooked by Grandma and Fleur because Ginny Hermione and Angelina couldn't cook very well. After dinner the adults, excluding Charlie, went to the dining room, and the kids plus Charlie hung out in the living room. Scorpius went over to Charlie and soon became fascinated with his tales of Dragons, thankfully Charlie was sitting on the end of the couch I was on, so Scorpius and I were sitting together, but I didn't want to risk one of the younger kids telling my dad that we were talking, so I pretended to be talking to Lily, but we'd brush hands every once in awhile, I began to wonder what they were talking about in the dining room.




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