Pureblood No Longer

Their fathers may not approve, but Scorpius and Rose are slowly falling in love. Will Ron and Draco stop this from happening, or is it another Ron and Hermione love story?


8. The final chapter

     I clutched the velvety box in my hands, where was she! I was beginning to think she ditched me. Finally Rose walked through the door of Madame Puddifoots, my heart began to race. I was actually about to do this. 

     "Hey, you got the same table you asked me out in." Rose said smiling, I stood up and kissed her. 

     "I sure did, Happy four year anniversary." I said nervously, she frowned.

        "Scorpius, what's wrong?" She asked

       "Oh god, what's the point in waiting!" I said loudly, I got down on one knee and took the ring out of my back pocket.

        "Scorpius, are you seriously!" She exclaimed

        "Yep, from the day that you and Albus came into my compartment, I knew I loved you. And now I want to make that love last forever, Rose Jane Granger-Weasley will you do me the honor of changing that  excruciatingly long name to Malfoy?" I asked, tears were now streaming down her face.

         "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" She said rather loudly, I placed the ring on her finger, and we stood there in the middle of the tea shop kissing for what seemed like forever. 


                                                                        Rose POV

    "So I don't want to take away from the excitement for Christmas, but we're getting married!" I announced once everyone had arrived

     "Aw Ronykins is gonna be related to Draco, it's adorable!" Harry teased

      "That's a phrase I never thought I'd hear." Ginny said shocked

        "Wait a minute, my niece is getting married before I am. That means I'm forever alone." Charlie laughed at his loneliness.

       "Uhm You didn't ask for my blessing Scorpius." Ron said smirking.

      "Nobody does anymore Ron, just let our daughter get married in piece." Hermione said whacking him


                                                       Scorpius POV

     I looked at the crowd in front of me, they were all smiling, then came Lily and Albus, James and Victoire,  Hugo and Molly. Finally Rose came walking down the aisle with Ron, she stood in front of me and all I could focus on was her, the minister droned on and on.

    "Do you Scorpius Malfoy take Rose Granger-Weasley to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The minister asked.

     "I do." I replied

     "And do you Rose Granger-Weasley take Scorpius Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He asked Rose

     "I do." She replied

    "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, you may kiss the bride!" The minister announced, I grabbed Rose and kissed her like nobody was watching. Then the party began.



Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed my story, this my entry into the Cursed Child competition, so if you could favorite this and vote for me that'd be great! Feedback in the comments would be great as well. I would've made the story longer but I had to finish it before school started

         Thanks so much!





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