Pureblood No Longer

Their fathers may not approve, but Scorpius and Rose are slowly falling in love. Will Ron and Draco stop this from happening, or is it another Ron and Hermione love story?


6. The Adults

     "So why are we in here?" Draco asked, because this didn't seem like a normal thing, most of the adults looked agitated.

      "Your son and my daughter can't follow rules, I told her to break up with him but they're still dating!" Ron shouted, Hermione cast a muffling spell so that the kids couldn't hear.

      "Ronald Weasley, you're keeping my granddaughter from a boy she quite possibly loves because you don't like his family!" Mr. Weasley said loudly "I didn't keep you from your wife because she was muggleborn and we were a pureblood family. Plus Draco seems like a new man, so kind and loving, and Scorpius seems like a charming young man."

    "Thank you sir, it's true, Scorpius goes on and on about Rose, he's asked me how I felt when I met his mother and nodded at every word I said, it's possible that he loves your daughter, but you're denying our children a happy life because of what I did in my youth, I was misguided by my father, I made sure not to bring up Scorpius like that." Draco chimed in.

     "If my granddaughter loves that boy, than Ronald Weasley you're going to allow her to see this Scorpius kid, end of story!" Mrs. Weasley said sternly.

     "Mum he's a Malfoy." Was Ron's only response.

      "Your point? You and your friends saved his fathers life before, his mother saved your best friends life, yes his father was bad, but that doesn't mean this boy is bad. His mother and Father did a good job on him." Molly replied

      "Fleur's parents were reluctant to allow me to marry her because of my condition, but they finally came around to it because I loved her, and now we have a family. Do you want for your daughter something that almost happened to your brother?" Bill asked

      "Bills' right, and you said you'd punch someone who said we couldn't be together because of my family, you're denying our daughter love because of the boys family. It's not fair Ron." Hermione said 

       "Please Ron, I know you don't like me very much, and you don't have to, but Scorpius' mother has already died, I don't want him to lose another important female in his life." Draco said shakily. 

     "I'm sorry mate, I shouldn't have acted like that, Astoria brought the good out in you, and you two did a great job bringing up Scorpius. You're right, it's not fair to keep them apart." Ron was slightly crying, the two men hugged in a very manly hug and exited the dining room.


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