Pureblood No Longer

Their fathers may not approve, but Scorpius and Rose are slowly falling in love. Will Ron and Draco stop this from happening, or is it another Ron and Hermione love story?



          "So Scorpius Malfoy asked you out, and you said no?" Hermione asked as she prepared the soup for that nights dinner. 

        "Yeah, mum I don't understand why you want to talk about this." I replied, I continued peeling the carrots hoping she'd stop talking about it. 

        "I want you to know, don't listen to your dad when it comes to dating. He's honestly horrible about it. He asked me as a last resort to the Yule Ball, and then began snogging Lavender Brown in front of me 24/7, we didn't start dating till the Battle Of Hogwarts. And do I wish I had those years with him." Hermione explained "If you think you truly like someone, go and get them, you might regret it later." Just then Ron walked into the room.

      "What are you girls talking about?" He asked with a smirk.

        "Well Rose just got asked out by Scorpius." Hermione said smiling into the soup.

       "WHAT A MALFOY! ROSE YOU CAN'T DATE A MALFOY! THEY'RE SCUM EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! THEY WERE ON THE DEATHEATERS SIDE DURING THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS AND EVEN TRIED TO KILL YOUR MUM AND I!" He screamed at me, I didn't realize his reaction would be so furious. Hopefully I could convince him that Scorpius was different, he was nothing like his father or grandfather, and his father had changed a bit as well.

      "Ronald calm down, Scorpius saved your nephews life. He even tried to save ours in an alternate reality. He's a good kid, nothing like his father. Harry and Draco are reconciling, you two should as well." Mum tried to calm him, he was still red as a tomato when he left the room, but he stopped talking about it.

        "Rose has a boyfriend! Rose has a boyfriend! Rose has a boyfriend!" Hugo chanted outside her door

         "NO I DON'T NOW GO AWAY!" I shouted at him, I slammed my door shut, and he eventually stopped. The dinner table was timid, and dad ate in total silence.

           "Why a Malfoy Rose?" He finally said "You could have your pick of boys there, but you went for a Malfoy?" 

            "Dad! I chose him because he actually likes and cares about me. All the other boys want me because you two are famous, mums the minister of magic for crying out loud! I know your next words are gonna be, 'how do you know he doesn't just like you for your fame', and that's because Albus has told me how often Scorpius talks about me, and how when he asked me out he thought I just pitied him. My cousin and I both know its true, why can't you accept it dad?" I explained, let's just say I was grounded for a day for liking a Malfoy. It was originally a week but Mum talked him out of it.


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