Pureblood No Longer

Their fathers may not approve, but Scorpius and Rose are slowly falling in love. Will Ron and Draco stop this from happening, or is it another Ron and Hermione love story?


4. Madame Puddifoots

       "Hey Rose!" Albus ran up to me "A big group of us are going to Madame Puddifoots this afternoon during our Hogsmeade trip, we only have room for one more, if you wanted to come." He asked raising one eyebrow.

       "Yeah sure, I'll come." I replied, I kinda knew what might be going on. Either Scorpius was going to ask me out, or he was telling the truth and we were just getting tea as a group. 

       "Great, see you there!" He said, and ran off, I went up to my dorm and changed into some warm, but cute, winter clothes. I set off to Hogsmeade before anyone could talk to me. Once inside Madame Puddifoots, Scorpius gestured to me from a rather large table, with just him at it.

        "Hey, Scorpius where are the other?" I asked as I  sat down.

        "They must've not shown up, shall we move to a smaller table. It's a bit awkward sitting at a table for 7 with only two people." He asked

       "Sure." I replied, we moved to a smaller booth in the corner, ordered some tea, and then Scorpius began talking.

         "So were you thinking of taking matters into your own hands yet, or was I quick enough? You really shouldn't tell Lily secrets, she can't keep them for the life of her." He said grinning.

         "WAIT LILY TOLD YOU EVERYTHING I TOLD HER!" I whispered loudly.

          "No, she told Albus, and Albus being the good friend he is told me. Now, would you Rose, like to go out with the famous, Scorpion King?" He asked, I began to sweat. I thought I was ready for this, but I really wasn't. I finally regained myself and replied;

        "Who wouldn't want to go out with the Scorpion King, Rose Weasley isn't going to miss that offer." I responded. He smiled.

       "Thank Merlin, I was getting so worried, you can't wait that long Rose, it freaks people out." He laughed, after we finished our tea, we wandered about Hogsmeade until it was time to head back. When we arrived at the castle, I held him in a long embrace before I headed back to my dorm.


       "Lily Luna Potter, I can't believe you told Albus all that stuff!" I said when I found her in the common room.

        "Sorry, I didn't think he'd tell Scorpius, I hope I didn't ruin things." She replied nervously.

        "No, you kinda bettered things actually, it got him to ask me out sooner!" I told her excitedly, her eyes widened!

         "Oh My God! Really, that's amazing." She replied "What's your dad gonna do?"

       "I don't know, but for right now, he won't find out." I told her "This secret you better keep." She nodded quickly


      The next morning was supposed to be grand, but it turned out horrible. I got a howler from Dad, Pigwidgeon dropped it on me during breakfast. Lily and James looked at me horrified, "I haven't done anything wrong." I whispered, I slowly opened it my fingers trembling.

    "ROSE JANE WEASLEY I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT YOU WITH A MALFOY! WHAT DO YOU DO YOU GO AND DATE HIM ANYWAYS! WHAT'S WORSE IS I HAD TO LEARN OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP FROM YOUR BOYFRIENDS FATHER! I WANT YOU TO BREAK UP WITH HIM OR YOU'RE COMING HOME AND NEVER SEEING HIM AGAIN!" The voice of dad echoed through the hall, I turned, Scorpius was beat red, Albus was helping him out of the hall. I dropped the letter and ran out as well. I didn't want the entire school seeing me cry. 

      "Scorpius, are you alright." I asked as I ran up to him, they were sitting on the stairs.

       "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm guessing you're going to break up with me now." He said looking up at me with his grey eyes.

       "No! I'm not, when we go home for Christmas I'll have mum, Harry, and Ginny all trying to convince him. Even Grandma and Grandpa are okay with this, and Grandpa had a great feud with the Malfoys. We leave in a couple weeks, we just have to stay quiet about our relationship, don't talk to your dad too much about it, it's his fault my dad found out." I explained keeping back my tears. The next few weeks were hard but we made it through.

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