Pureblood No Longer

Their fathers may not approve, but Scorpius and Rose are slowly falling in love. Will Ron and Draco stop this from happening, or is it another Ron and Hermione love story?



        I sat alone at a table in the library, indulged in a great book, when Rose popped out of nowhere. "Oh, uh Scorpius, Hi where's Albus I need to talk to him?" She asked, my heart fluttered in my chest when I saw her.

       "He's with Harry right now, he should be back before dinner." I replied, holding back a smile.

        "Oh well, do you mind if I sit with you while I wait, I kinda wanted to talk to you as well." Rose said nervously, I gestured towards the seat across from me and she sat down. "Thanks, I wanted you to know I didn't say no because I don't like you, I said no because I'm not ready for a relationship." My heart sped up, I forced back an enormous smile, but my eyes grew wide. "I know, it sounds crazy. I'm 14 and not ready for a relationship, but I just want to focus on my education right now. Well and the fact that dad made me swear I wouldn't date till fifth year." Rose explained

          "Fifth year eh, gives me a little bit of hope for next year." I grinned, I played it cool on the outside, but on the inside I was freaking out.

           "Yeah, I guess." She smiled "Well I gotta go, good luck on your exams. Remember one more month of school." She grinned one more time and exited the library.

          "One more month of 4th year." I kept muttering to myself, finally it was time for dinner. I could barely eat though, I was so excited. Boy was Albus going to get an earful tonight, and the rest of the month. Everyday since then I had been counting down to September 1st. 

         "Well since we're all friends again, why don't we sit with Rose?" Albus asked when we were boarding the Hogwarts Express.

         "You idiot, I can't sit with Rose on the train, do you know how awkward that'd be. Let's just try and get our own compartment." I replied rolling my eyes. Sure enough there was a free compartment right there.

         "So you sure you want to dirty up the Malfoy name with a half-blood?" Albus asked jokingly.

           "Hahaha very funny, my father may not approve, But Rose is worth it." I replied looking out my window, and that was the last we talked about her on the train ride.


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