Angels are real

(under editing but please give feed back!)

Each angel is given a job. Some have wings. Some do not. A portal was forced open releasing evil spirits and demons into the living world. God sends some of the guardian angels with coins that can give the soul Wings. Only reason why some do not have wings is that they haven't gathered two of the coins,haven't been given the coins, coins were stolen.
The portal has been closed but the escaped evil is causing chaos and trouble. When friends turn on friends and enemies gather who is there to trust...


1. Daily Log


Today so far has been consisting of the normal routine of my life. But it has been more of stages. Individually they started calling me names. It annoyed me and I took blame since I did bruise one of their arms.

Second.They started to group together and just throw insults. I simply learned to walk right past them with my nose in a book or just sketching.

Third. They started to follow me and throw small items for a couple years. But one year they just stopped and I have just finished my freshman year. Now they are at it again but their is something off.Something deepening in them.I don't know if it's my paranoia or my imagination but instead of laughing they growl. I wonder what happened or maybe I should have given them more of a reaction.



Well... I guess the good part of today I have found I guess my lucky coin and another in my art book. They have this glass like surface with a feather in the center.I like how it's different and odd to me like a lucky charm. I guess it is since I found them my bullies have left me alone or at least kept their distance.Heck one even asked to check out so I call today wonderfully different.I love things that are.



Recently I saw on the news schools having more and more shooting,violence,and things I wish not to mention.Heck even my school.There was a shooting today but no one luckily got hurt. I stayed close to my English teachers books and read verses from the bible.Just opening and reading whatever popped up.It always distracted me. I still have those peter pan moments in my dreams where I Let myself run down the hill by a small white church in a field of magnolias. The sweet smell seems to carry me along with my free thoughts.


I shut my computer before sliding it into my backpack and leaning back on my bed staring at the ceiling covered in different designs and oddities I have drawn letting myself get lost in thought as I wait for sleep to come.

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