Left 4 Dead 3

Nick, Ellis, and the gang are back!

When a helicopter, along with the Survivors crash on a distant island infested with zombies, all Hell breaks loose.....................

(Warning: Mild Language, mild sarcasm)


4. Where Are We?

Coach's P.O.V

Damn, Nick. How loud can you scream? I saw Nick pass out,"Oh, shit. We lost 'em again." I shouted. Ellis sighed,"Man, screw this shit. Anyway, where are we?" He asked. Rochelle found a bucket and put water in it,"I'm not sure. Looks like we're on an island. But, how far are we away from civilization?" Rochelle poured the water on Nick's face and he woke instantly. Nick gasped like he just woke from being dead.

"Good thinkin', Rochelle." Ellis said. "My pleasure." Rochelle said. Nick shook himself awake. "You alright, Nicolas?" I asked. Nick nodded,"Yeah, I'm fine." I sighed with relief,"Good." Ellis jumped in,"Y'all, I know this is a good reunion, but we gotta figure out how we're gonna get outta here." I sighed. Rochelle handed me my Deagel and I stood up along with Nick. Rochelle gave Nick his AK-47 and Nick reloaded it with ammo. Ellis grabbed his hunting rifle and reloaded it as well. Rochelle grabbed her M-16 Assualt Rifle and also reloaded.

"I reckon this island is infested with zombies. Might as well arm ourselves." Nick recommended. "Gotta agree. Let's find a way outta here." I said. We all grabbed some med kits, some Pistols, some pain pills, and some melee weapons and headed off through a zombie-infested island that none of us were familiar with. "I'm really nervous. Am I the only one?" Ellis asked. "Nope. I'm a little nervous, too." Rochelle said. Ellis sighed." I hear growling." Nick said. "Me too." I said. The growling got louder, and louder, and louder until I saw a black figure with bright yellow eyes, staring at Ellis.

"Ellis. Don't. Move. A. Muscle. Just, be very still." I warned. Ellis started to breathe more rapidly. I could tell he was scared for his life. "Ellis. Just back away slowly." Nick said, pointing his AK-47 at the Hunter, a pouncing Special Infected that rips you to shreds until you die. Ellis slowly backed away while the Hunter's growl got louder and louder and more vicious. Nick shot the Hunter in the back. The Hunter leaped sideways on impact. The Hunter looked at Nick and snarled. Before Nick could shoot again, the Hunter screeched and leaped onto Nick, knocking him down.

The Hunter started clawing at Nick. Blood was coming out of the wounds."GET IT OFF!!" Nick yelled. A small horde of zombies headed our way. I pushed the Hunter off of Nick and shot it with my Deagel. Dead. Nick layed there, panting. "You alright, Nick?" Rochelle asked. Nick nodded,"Yeah." Ellis helped Nick up. "Thanks." Nick said. "No problem." Ellis responded. A zombie hit my back and I turned around and hit it. "Damn zombies." I complained. "You can say that again." Rochelle agreed. "Let's go, y'all. The sooner we leave, the sooner we make it out of here alive." Ellis said. "And the sooner we die." Nick said, slyly. Ellis scoffed. "Hey, maybe we can find other Survivors." I said.

"Yeah, maybe. But not like Francis, Zoey, Louis, and......,"Ellis sighed sadly,"Bill. Rest in peace, buddy. I'm gonna miss ya." Ellis started to cry. Rochelle hugged him,"Don't cry, Ellis. Bill's in a better place now." She said, trying to calm him."I just miss him so much." Ellis sobbed. "I know. I know." Rochelle stated. "C'mon, guys. Let's go. Ellis, take a deep breath and calm down." Nick said. Ellis took a deep breath and we continued our journey of survival through Hell itself.

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