Thoughts, poems and notes

Hey! Please read! sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's happy

Warning! There is swearing, cutting, thought on death and lust


18. it's 1AM

I'm thinking about coffee at 1:00AM I am going to die! just Kidding I don't have time for a funeral and don't any of you sexy beast go die on me I don't have time for that this week actually I don't have time this month ether and this year is very bizarre so maybe on other time! I know we can talk over this about I time that might work for us! Anyways I could tell you some of my jokes I think I am pretty funny but it is 1:00 so I could be very wrong you could always laugh at me I don't mind🍄😄

I can't stop thinking about sleep like sleep is the most beautiful thing in the world although you come in close second ;) although for how much I love it I sure don't get much its probably because this bed was mad for two and without you there is a hole that I keep trying to fill

I should probably inform everyone that I am a big flirt

And this has nothing to do with anything but I am currently listening to Michael Jackson just kidding the song just ended know I am listening to Macklemore same love "and I can't change my love my love my love she keeps me warm" freaking love that song

Love yourself first! And love who ever your heart freaking wants to love because I think if you are happy I will be happy!

Also I have fat thighs and I big butt and my face has acne and I don't have boobs and I look like a boy 90% of the time but I still love the fact that I look like this! yes I will try to eat healthier because I deserve to be loved by me!

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