Thoughts, poems and notes

Hey! Please read! sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's happy

Warning! There is swearing, cutting, thought on death and lust


7. empty city

I am at the top of the arena near the ceiling the screaming fans below me

And suddenly, I am jumping

Falling my heart going a million miles a minute, and then it stops my heart is not beating nor am I breathing

The fans below me do not see me because I am not their

I am falling from a skyscraper in the middle of a empty city, the city is beautiful with all the lights, it is not quite as beautiful as it was with the people.

I am falling,

This is not the truth nor is it a lie it is simply what it is.

I wish to be alone in a empty room,

In a empty house,

In a empty city,

I wish to be surrounded by all of the people being who they are,

I wish to walk the empty city maybe I will make it a but brighter,

I wish to be apart of the fans

And know I wish to be with you not alone but not surrounded because the truth and the lie of all of this is that as I fall closer to the full arena and the empty city I fall closer to you

Maybe even closer to the truth

Hi what do you think yes or no


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