5sos: Truth or dare?

Sexy truth or dare.


1. truth or dare : #1

The boys were all gathered around the bed. Luke was on Michael's back when he got an idea.

L- "Hey guys, wanna play truth or dare?"

C- "Sure."

A- "I guess."

M- "Luke, I dare you to make out with me."

L- "Guess that's a yes from Michael." Luke chuckled and tackled Michael on the bed. Luke started to kiss Michael and they did it for about an hour. Ashton filmed it.

M- "Alright. Luke it's your turn." Michael kissed Luke's cheek and Luke giggled.

L- "Ashton, I dare you to make out with Calum."

A- "This will be fun." Ashton said and pushed Calum against the wall. Luke filmed. Ashton and Calum made it seem like they had done it before.

"Did you guys do that before, because it seemed really passionate." Michael asked.

A- "Maybe."

L-"okay, truth or dare Calum?"

C- "Truth."

L-" are you and ash dating?"

C-"Yes." Calum smiled and kissed ashton.

A- "love you babe."

C-"I love you too."

M-" truth or dare ash?"


M- "I dare you to play 5 minutes in heaven with a player of your choice."

A- "Come on Mikey babe. Let's go in the closet."

L- "Hey, he's mine. Don't do anything." Luke said and pouted.

A- "Don't worry. I won't hurt him. That much." Ashton said and spanked Michael's butt. Michael squealed.

The boys went into the closet and closed the door. Ashton locked it from the inside and then pushed Michael against the wall.

M- "Ash, not to hard please. Last time you did and I almost ended up prego. So please."

A- "it's only five minutes in heaven. Now calm down and let's play two lies and a truth after this. I miss you Mikey."

M- "Well, you can make out with me. your waisting our 5 minutes." Michael smiled and slid both his hands down Ashton's pants and squeezed his member softly.

A- "Michael, we're not allowed to have sex in 5 minutes in heaven."

M- "It's heaven. We can do whatever we want to. And who ever said that?"

A-"Alright. Let's do it."

Ashton moaned softly in Michael's ear and wrapped his hands around Michael's waist, pulling Michael to his chest. Michael blushed and kissed Ashton's neck, while palming him through his pants. Ashton moaned loudly. Luke knocked on the door after he herd the moaning.

L-"Guys, it's been five minutes. Open up!"

M- "No it hasn't babe! Give us 10 more minutes!"

Michael chuckled and him and Ashton were now on the floor. Ashton's back was pressed up against the door and Michael was sitting on his lap. Luke opened the door getting more and more jealous.

M- "Luke! What the fuck?!"

L- "Get up you asshole! It's been five minutes!"

M- "Fine. Geez."


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