FASTLANE (Zootopia)

When Judy is missing after her date with Nick, it's up to Nick to go to Miami and take over Judy's case, but what secret is lurking in the dark? Original Story is from 215Productions in Wattpad. Enjoy. NOTE: TO KNOW WHAT MUSIC TO HEAR, GO TO PART 3 OF THE STORY AND FIND THEM.


2. Part 2

Back at the garage, Judy and Nick sat on the sofa while Mark prepared plain water for them. Jervis was standing.

"Introduce yourself, fox," Jervis said, "So that I can stop calling you fox."

"Fine," Nick stood up, "Nick Wilde." He then turned to Judy, "This guy is ridiculous, let me tell you that. First, when I wanted to save you, he asked me how I'm related to you. Then, he seemed too concerned about you."

Judy said, "I'm not going to care. This mister here saved us from that guy. We should thank him." Judy turned to Jervis, "My name is..."

"Officer Judy Hopps, ZPD," Jervis finished her sentence.

"How did you..."

"Know? The host of the race told me." Jervis lied again.

Mark gave the cups of water to Judy and Nick.

"Thanks," Nick muttered.

"So, what's your purpose for coming over to Miami?" Jervis asked Judy.

"Actually, we have a robbery case. There are some racers involved in this, and since you are a racer, we have no choice but to question you."

"ME?" Jervis laughed, "Why would I break the fucking law? I don't do things for fun, bunny."

"You have no evidence to say that you did not break the law," Nick said.

"I believe Jervis won't do something like that," Mark said.

"Well," Judy pointed her carrot pen at Jervis, "You'll still have to follow..."

At that moment, Jervis's phone rang. He answered the call.


At the police station, Jervis sat down and talked to Johnny, who was handcuffed to a chair.

"I swear I was not involved in the robbery!" Johnny said, trying to shake the chains off, "You've gotta believe me! I still got a family to feed!"

"Chill, Keys," Jervis patted his shoulder, "I know you didn't do it. Tell me, who sabotaged you?"

"That fucking fox!" Johnny Keys was raging, "He wore a green Hawaii shirt, a tie and grey pants! That fox better die right now or I'll pluck his balls off!"

"Yo, chill, man," Jervis leaned back on his chair, "What's this robbery all about?"

"The Attomey Bank was being robbed by five racers recently. About two weeks ago, they robbed a total of 15.3 million. That's nuts, isn't it?

"But that's not all. The real interesting part is one of them is a police officer. And it is a fox."

Jervis thought, "Fox? Police officer? Nick had suspected Johnny. Nick is a fox. Nick's a police officer. That means..."

When Jervis came back to the garage, he saw Nick sitting down on the sofa, accessing social media. Jervis advanced towards him.

"How dare you accuse a person being involved in the robbery!" Jervis shouted.

Nick placed his phone down, "First, he looks guilty. And, since he's a race host, he should know all the racers. But he doesn't even know. I suspect he's hiding something."

"Or is it you?" Jervis said, "He's a father. He needs to feed his family. You can't just accuse him like that. He told me that one of the robbers is a fox. And he's a police officer."

"He could be lying," Nick said, "He could've done that to gain your trust."

"I've grew up with him, and I know him," Jervis said, "He wouldn't do this kind of stuff."

"Sometimes, the truth is just in front of your eyes, but you chose not to accept it."

"I'll make sure I'll find a nice prison spot for you," Jervis grumbled, then went off in his car.

At that moment, Judy came out.

"What happened?" Judy asked.

"Just the same old stupid Holewhaler," Nick sighed, "Let's get some drinks."

Bruce visited Johnny in the police station.

"Hey, you forced me into this, Friston," Johnny said, "You caused me in jail. Anyway, why frame the fox?"

"Well, he's related to the bunny."

"Related? You mean like brother and sister?"

"NO, you idiot!" Bruce screamed at him, "It's obviously boyfriend and girlfriend. What are you even thinking?"

"So, who on earth else is involved in this robbery?"

"You'll know soon," Bruce said, "For now, do what I want you to do, and I'll get you out of jail. Deal?" Bruce struck out his hand.

Johnny hesitated for a while, then shook Bruce's hand, "Deal."

Judy and Nick walked around the park after buying coffee.

"So, how's the case going on?" Nick asked, "Any clues?"

"Sadly, no," Judy sighed, "I'll ask for the evidence later."

Judy and Nick then sat down on a bench.

"I've been wondering," Nick said, "Wondering who on earth is Holewhaler and how he is related to you."

"I'm lazy to ask," Judy replied, "So let nature take its course."

"How about I ask?" Nick suggested, "They're in Miami, anyway."

"They are?" Judy said.

Nick nodded.

"I don't want to be so bad to Mr Holewhaler," Judy said, "Let's just stay in his house and see how the situation goes."

"What?" Nick grumbled, "We still have to stay in that weirdo's house?"

"C'mon, Nick," Judy comforted Nick, "Don't be like that. I beg you, just please. I want to repay Mr Holewhaler. Not only had he saved us, he gave us a house to stay in. I don't want to turn down his kind offer."

Judy then looked at Nick with her pitiful eyes, "Please, Nick. Please."

"Fine," Nick sighed, "I'm only doing this because I love you."

"Yay!" Judy hugged Nick, "Thank you so much!"

Nick then looked at Judy, "You said you have a caretaker, right? I want to know more about it. That time at the restaurant, you told me you would share to me about your caretaker. Is he good? Caring?"

"He's more than that," Judy said, "He's a kind person. To me, he's the kindest man I've ever found. I call him Uncle as I did not want to call him Caretaker as it sound ridiculous. I did some wrong things like not studying well, but he did not blame me. He even defended me from my parents when they tried to scold me. He bought my favorite stuffed toys and even stood up for me when my siblings and I were always quarreling."

"Wow, what a nice caretaker you have," Nick smiled, "Wish I have that one caretaker like you have."

Judy sighed, "Too bad he left us when I was seventeen. He left one day when I was in school. According to my parents, they said he left because he had a disease. Since then, I never heard of him anymore."

Nick held Judy's hand, "It's okay. I'm sure one day you'll find your caretaker and you'll thank him for everything he had done."

"I will," Judy went back to smiling.

Judy went to the police station in the  to collect evidence from the robbery case.

"Here's all you have," a police officer shoved her all the evidence, which includes photos and notes, "Try to find out who on earth is behind this robbery."

"Got it," Judy said as she took the evidence. She sat down on a café and started flipping through the evidence.

She started looking at the photos first. Some shown five unknown masked people breaking into the bank. Some others were them breaking into the bank and threatening people for money. And the last three photos shown them running away. As Judy took a closer look, she realized one of the robbers is a fox, and he's wearing a police uniform.

"Is this Nick?" Judy thought, then she smacked her head, "There's no way it could be him! He's with me before this robbery happened."

At this moment, Judy received a message. She checked her phone and read the message. Upon reading it, she kept all the evidence and rushed to the police station.

When she reached the police station, she saw Nick being handcuffed by two police officers.

"Hey!" Judy screamed, "He's not involved! Why are you arresting him?"

"For now, we suspect that this fox is related to the robbery," One of the police officers said, "According to the photos, there was a fox, wearing a police uniform. We suspect it's him, so we'll be keeping him in jail until we find out that he's not guilty."

"It's okay, Carrots," Nick sighed before the police officers pulled him away. Judy rapidly stomped her right foot, "I'm going to find evidence and make sure that he's innocent."

Jervis got out of his car and sat on a seat in The Ben's Bar. Benson saw him and immediately greeted him.

"Hey, Jervis!" Benson said, "Lunch?"

"Yeah, thanks," Jervis said.

"Where's Mark?" Benson asked after telling the chef to cook Jervis's favorite fried rice.

"He's not coming," Jervis replied, "He went to drink with some of his other friends."

"I feel actually kind of sad for you," Benson patted Jervis, "You only have Mark as a friend here. Why did you kick yourself out of society because of your close kins' death?"

"I cannot take the blow," Jervis sighed, "Imagine I would be sad everyday after their deaths. I need time to cool down. I lost contact with everyone within four fucking years. They either left me or they died."

"So, how did Mark become your friend?"

"It happened during Grand Drix 33," Jervis said as he went into a flashback.

A year ago, during Grand Drix 33...

Jervis got into his new Mitshibushi Evolution Lancer. He decorated it so nicely that he thinks girls will stick to him after being gone away from society for four years. Today. Today is his first race. The day he will show that he has not lost his racing skills. At all.

He drove to the starting point, where beside Jervis on the left, was Bruce: his long time enemy. The one that had indirectly killed his sister, wife and the closest person to him: his brother.

Beside Jervis on the right, it was a guy who was smiling happily. "This guy should be new to racing." Jervis thought as he came out of his car and went to knock the guy's car door. Bruce came out of his car, looking at how Jervis is going to talk to this newbie.

The guy opened his car door and stepped out, "Anything I can do for you?"

"Hi, Mister," Jervis greeted, "I am Jervis Holewhaler. I'm here to talk to you about racing. You should know some rules about the race and some of our racers here. The rules..."

"Hey, boy," the guy said arrogantly, "If you're teaching racing to me, I don't need them. I'm way sure I'm better in racing than you are, slut." With that, the guy went in the car.

"Oh, and one more thing," the guy said, "Don't teach me how to race, bitch. It's like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs." The guy then slammed the door.

"Rude guy!" Jervis said as he walked back to his car. On the way back, he saw Bruce laughing. He growled and went back in his car.

When the race started, Jervis overtook Bruce and the newbie in a few seconds. While Jervis is at the front, Bruce and the newbie raced against each other.

"I'll teach you manners!" Bruce tired to slam the newbie's car but failed. Instead, he lost control of his own car. Bruce raged and concentrated on the newbie's car.

"Time to suck your grandfather's balls, asshole!" Bruce shouted as he swerved his car sharply to his left and slammed on the back of the car.

Immediately, the newbie lost control of his car. Bruce went to make it worse by going at full speed at the newbie's car door. When he collided with the door, the newbie's car immediately over-flipped many times. Bruce laughed and drove off.

Jervis saw it and stopped. "Friston cheated. I must help this newbie here." Jervis made a U-turn and drove towards the damaged car. As he was driving, many racers looked at him while passing through Jervis. When Bruce passed through him, Bruce was playing loud music to celebrate on his victory on beating a racer.

Jervis came out of his car and went to the newbie's car and pulled him out. At the same time, the car exploded. Jervis brought the newbie to his car and drove off to the finish line. They eventually came in last. And Bruce was the winner. Again.

The host came rushing to Jervis's car.

"Is the guy okay?" The host asked worriedly.

"He needs treatment," Jervis said, "And can you disqualify Bruce Friston? He cheated by injuring this guy."

"I wish to," the host sighed, "However, the rule states that you can kill many racers as you want to in the race."

"What the.." Jervis leaned back in his seat.

At the hospital, Jervis visited the newbie.

"Thanks for saving my life," The newbie said, "I was so rude to you earlier. Hope you don't take it seriously."

"No worries, I didn't," Jervis laughed, "Anyway, you said you know racing. Where did you race?"

"In London. I was top champion there. Racing was my career there. Until I was kicked out by my family and the race organizers. That is why I tried Miami. Didn't think this would happen."

"Well, it's okay," Jervis comforted him, "Bruce Friston is a cheater and a dick in the ass. He will do anything, even if he is breaking the law, to get what he wants."

"Anyway, thank you," The newbie pulled out his hand, "My name's Mark Tyson."

Jervis shook his hand, "Jervis Holewhaler. So you currently have no home to stay?"

"I live in a rented house," Mark said.

"Why not you live in my house?" Jervis suggested, "It's luxury anyway."

"Really?" Mark was elated, "Thank you so much, Jervis. I don't know what will happen if I never met you. I probably would be sleeping in the streets now or died at the race."

At that moment, a guy rushed in and hugged Mark.

"Why didn't you tell me you're here?" The guy said, "And why are you here?"

"Well," Mark pointed to Jervis, "He helped me. He made me survive. Thank him if you need."

The guy turned to Jervis and bowed, "Thank you, mister. Name's Anthony. Mark's brother."

"Jervis," Jervis introduced himself happily, "New friend of Mark."

Back to the present...

"... And that's how Mark became my friend," Jervis said as Ben gave him the plate of fried rice.

"Now, I need to eat after much talking," Jervis then chomped on the fried rice quickly. Ben smiled, "Nice story you got there, Jervis."

"Hey, it's true!" Jervis exclaimed. Ben laughed and took a apple and crunched on it.

In Jervis's garage after lunch, Jervis was sitting on the couch, looking at television shows. Judy walked in, dejected.

"What's wrong, bunny?" Jervis asked, "Facing depression?"

"That's not true!" Judy said.

"Well, then why are you feeling blue? Tell me. Maybe I can help."

"Nick's been arrested and is suspected for being one of the five robbers involved in the robbery," Judy sighed.

Jervis thought for a while, then pointed at the table.

"What do you want?" Judy asked.

"The evidence that you have right now. Let's examine it now and prove that your fox friend is not one of them."

Jervis and Judy sat down on the chairs and placed the evidence on the table.

"Tell me all you know about these evidence here," Jervis said.

"First, the photos show that there were five robbers involved in this robbery. One is a fox, and he or she is wearing police uniform."

"And that is why Mr Fox is suspected?" Jervis asked.

"He's called Nick,"

"Whatever. I'll just call him fox friend cause I don't fucking care."

"And the question you asked me earlier. Yes, he was suspected because of this."

"Secondly, there were notes. What is on the notes?"

"They are written by eye-witnesses," Judy explained, "The police explained to me that on the night of the robbery, some people were there, either inside or outside. And we don't know who's talking the truth or the fake."

"Well, maybe I can actually help you with that," Jervis suggested, "Mark has a friend that has lots of friends. He may be able to help us. How many notes are there?"


"Great. I'll call Mark now and we're ready to set off."

Jervis and Judy went to Mark's friend's house.

"Okay, bunny," Jervis told Judy, "Stay out. You would never like the sight of what's inside."

Jervis went in the house and closed the door. Judy was still outside, waiting. She thought of Nick being suspected. She thought about the person who won her as a prize.

I must get to the bottom of this, Judy thought to herself, And what is taking Mr Holewhaler so long? Guess I better go into this house and check, even if it means a disgusting sight.

Judy barged in and screamed immediately. Woman were naked everywhere in the living room. Jervis, Mark and Mark's friend walked down the stairs and saw Judy, staring with her mouth open at the women.

A few minutes later, Jervis, Mark, Judy and Mark's friend, Timothy, went to a food court and ordered their food before siting on seats.

"I've warned you, bunny," Jervis laughed, "You obviously didn't listen."

"If you didn't take so long just to call a person down!" Judy screamed, "Why does even the guy who owns the house have a lot of naked women?"

"None of your damn business," Timothy said as he ate his chicken rice.
Judy looked at the chicken rice.

"You're eating chicken! That's bad!" Judy said and took the plate away from him.

"Hey, that's my fucking lunch, bunny!" Timothy snatched the plate and pushed her down the seat. Jervis immediately helped her up.

"Hey, don't push her!" Jervis said.

"Oh, is she your girlfriend?" Timothy asked suspiciously. Mark went to his ear and whispered some words. Timothy nodded and gave a "whatever" look.

"So, I heard from Mr Holewhaler that you're Mark's friend," Judy said to Timothy, "What can you do?"

"Well, tell me, bunny," Timothy snickered, "What do you want from me? And remember I don't have much time. I still have to entertain my women for fun throughout the day."

"If you know these five," Judy took out her notes, "It'll be great."

Timothy took a closer look at them and became shocked.

"What's wrong, Tim?" Mark asked. Tim shook off the feeling and shook his head.

"I'll give you all the addresses of these people," Tim said.

"Thank you, Mr Timothy!" Judy said as she took out her carrot pen and a note to write down the addresses.

In Timothy's house, Mark and Timothy entered the house.

"I need to use your toilet for a while," Mark said. Timothy nodded. Mark rushed to the toilet and closed the door. As he was closing it, he left a little gap.

Timothy took out his phone and called someone.

This would be a good time for me to record, Mark thought as he took out his phone and recorded the scene.

In Jervis's garage, Judy is still examining the addresses of the witnesses.

"Strange," Judy said, "All these addresses do not exist. Why would he give us fake addresses?"

"Maybe he's one of the robbers," Jervis replied, taking a Milo packet of drink, "I'm still thirsty after drinking the noodles soup. Damn salty."

Mark then barged in, "I've got evidence!"

Timothy was walking to the supermarket to buy some stuff. He placed one broccoli in the cart. Then, as he was about to take the last chili sauce, someone grabbed it. He turned around and saw Mark.

"Hey, Mark!" Timothy widened his arms, "My brother!"

"Hey there, Timothy! How are you?"

"I'm fine," Timothy smiled, "Any plans for us in the night?"

"Well, what about you getting caught by the police?" Mark asked, "Would that be nice?"

"What are you talking about, Mark?" Timothy asked, laughing at the same time.

Mark whistled.

A few police officers surrounded him. Timothy then pushed the cart and it smashed one of the officers down quickly. Then, he pushed his cart forward and hopped in. The officers tried shooting, but all missed. He took some stuff on the shelves and threw it at the officers.

Judy tried to jump in and hit him, but Timothy's hand reflected her, making her land in the raw fish section.

"Yuck!" Judy grumbled as she smelled her uniform.

Timothy looked behind and saw the officers standing at the very back, doing nothing.

"There's nothing that can stop me!" He shouted out loud. He then turned around and got a shock as Jervis slammed his face with a frying pan.

"Holy shit!" Timothy screamed before getting whacked.

A few minutes later, Timothy was chained to a chair in the police interrogation room. Judy, Mark and Jervis sat down on some chairs.

"Timothy Law," Jervis read Timothy's name aloud, "Are you working with Bruce Friston?"

"Who's he?" Timothy asked, giving an innocent face.

"If not, why are you running?"

"I just don't like the police. Any problem with that?"

"Don't try to act innocent, Timothy," Judy said, "We know you're one of the racers who are involved in the robbery."

"Hey, I could sue you for just making an assumption just like that," Timothy smiled, "Remember I can sue you. You have no fucking evidence. It's my words against yours."

"Actually," Judy said as she took out Mark's phone and played the video

"Hey, Friston, the stupid bunny officer had all the witnesses' names. What should I do?... Yup, I've given all the fake addresses... Just act normal? How to? That freaking bunny plus Holewhaler and Tyson is not a good combination to play with... So you can assure me that I will not be charged for anything, even if it's the Attomey Bank Robbery, for just acting normal?... Okay, I'll try to."

Judy gave the phone back to Mark, "It's your words against yours."

"Whatcha got to say now?" Mark asked, annoyed.

Timothy pleaded, "I hope you guys don't give me jail sentence. Please."

"Well, if you don't open your mouth now, I think maybe five years of jail is comfortable for you?" Judy smiled, "It's called a hustle, sweetheart."

"Start talking about the robbery," Jervis said, "Now."

Timothy sighed, "Fine. I'm one of the robbers. I admit that."

"Who else is involved in the robbery?" Jervis asked.

"Two others, Bruce, me and Johnny Keys," Timothy said, "Oh well, now that I've told you everything, can I get out of here?"

"You haven't told me lots of things," Jervis glared at him, "Open your big fucking mouth now."

"Okay, okay," Timothy replied, "We decided to steal the bank because there was lots of money inside the bank. It was 15.3 million. Who will not want it?"

"Okay," Jervis nodded, "Then?"

"One of the five, which I believe his name is Ian, needs money badly as he is in a debt. Nobody wanted to lend him money. He thought of getting the money from a bank. So, because we're greedy, we followed him too. Bruce organized the date and time. And of course, we stole all the money in there. Johnny got 2, I got 2, the third one, which I don't know, got 2 too. Ian and Bruce then took 4.3 and 5 respectively. Ian managed to pay his debt after that, and then we went our separate ways. Until this bunny came!"

Judy rolled her eyes.

"Where can we find the third one called Ian?" Mark asked.

"Well, maybe at Florida," Timothy tried to remember, "Or at Washington."

"Now, I need you to do something," Jervis replied, taking out his phone, "Say whatever you said just now about the robbery."


"Just do it," Jervis offered a deal, "You will get two years of jail only for helping us instead of five. Plus, you get to keep the two million from the bank, for helping us. How about that?"

Timothy smiled, "Anything for money."

Jervis and Judy went to Johnny's cell.

"Hey, Holewhaler," Johnny greeted Jervis, "What's up?"

"Let me ask you: are you involved in the robbery?" Jervis asked, "Tell me the truth or you'll be getting twice the punishment."

"Holewhaler," Johnny whined, "You know I'm not involved in the robbery."

"Are you sure?"

"Damn sure."


"Double confirm."

"Then what's this?" Jervis took out his phone and played the recording.

"I see, you're trying to frame me for what I didn't do," Johnny nodded, then he clicked his hands.

Immediately, the jail cell broke. Johnny ran away from the back and hopped into a car and drove off.

"I'm going after him!" Jervis shouted as he ran to his car. Judy followed along.

The car which Johnny was in sped.

"Not bad, Bruce," Johnny nodded, "You keep your promises upright."

"A man like me always does," Bruce stopped for a while and aimed his rocket launcher at a part of the police station.

"That's what you used to shoot down buildings?"

"That's right," Bruce triggered it and that part was bombed. Timothy fell onto the floor and got up a few seconds later.

"Is it a coincidence that when I clicked my hand, you arrived?" Johnny asked Bruce.

Bruce shook his head, "I know everything."

Timothy ran to the car and got in.

"Thanks, man," Timothy said.

"Let's find Ian and get out of here!" Bruce reversed the car and drove off.

"Where's Michelle?" Timothy asked.

"She'll be coming soon," Bruce said.

Back in Jervis's car, Jervis sped.

"What now?" Jervis asked, "I can't catch these bustards just with this car."

Judy called the police department, "Hello? Judy Hopps here. We need the strongest and best police officer here."

"Understood. DZ coming out," The guy on the other line said.

"Who's DZ?" Jervis asked Judy.

"Beats me."

Soon, they reached onto the road. Bruce drove his car on the sidewalk while Jervis drove his car on the road.

"What the fuck?" Timothy screamed, "Are you crazy? We'll kill people here."

"Well, I don't look like I give a shit about it!" Bruce shouted.

Bruce sped up and ran over some people.

"I see blood!" Johnny screamed hysterically, then hid himself in the bonnet.

Jervis took out his gun.

"Do me a favor, Hopps,"


"Drive the car for me,"

"Are you nuts? DZ would be coming down later. Are you sure?"

"I'm sure!" Jervis got out of the driver seat and exchanged seats with Judy, "Just drive nearer to the car that Johnny is in."

"Right on it!" Judy drove nearer to Bruce's car. In Bruce's car, Timothy saw Jervis's car nearing their car.

"Shit, he's coming," Timothy told Bruce.

"Too bad!" Bruce shouted as he got out of the car.

"What the fuck?" Johnny went to the driver's seat, "Why did he jump out?"

Back in Jervis's car, Jervis placed Judy on his shoulder and went back onto the driver seat.

"What happened?" Judy asked.

"Here comes the monster!" Jervis drove his car away from Bruce's car. Soon, a loud siren was heard. Judy and Jervis turned back and saw a Lamborghini. The driver drove his car near to Bruce's car and took out a shiny gun.

He shot at the wheels.

BAM! That was the sound of the gunshot. One of the wheels down. Johnny lost control of the car and collided onto a tree.

At the police station, Timothy and Johnny were placed in underground jail cells.

"Well, this shall stop you from escaping," Jervis said as the Lamborghini driver locked the cells, "So tell me, Johnny, who is the fox officer? You've got one chance to talk. Now you got another one. And if you don't, I might as well kill you."

"Fine, fine! I'll fucking tell you everything!" Johnny cried, "Michelle! It was her who is a fox and dressed up as a police officer! Please, don't let me die here! I got a family to feed!" Jervis nodded and went off to the main hall with Judy and DZ.

"Thank you, DZ," Jervis told DZ.

"Call me Denzel," DZ introduced himself, "Best police officer in the while squad. Only called when there are serious situations.

"My name's Jervis," Jervis introduced himself, then pointed to Judy, "This is Officer Judy Hopps."

"Nice to meet you two," Denzel shook Jervis's and Judy's hand. Johnny and Timothy admitted everything they knew to the police.

At the same time, Nick is released. When Nick went out of the police station, he saw Judy and Jervis waiting.

Judy ran and hugged Nick and cried.

"Oh, you bunnies so emotional," Nick smiled.

Jervis cleared his throat, "It's time for dinner."

At a restaurant, Jervis held up his glass of ice Milo while Judy and Nick held up their glasses of wine.

"Cheers for Nick not being a suspect anymore!" Judy shouted happily. The trio clinked their glasses and drank their drinks.

Nick turned to Judy, "Thank you, Judy, for helping me prove that I'm innocent." Nick then turned to Jervis, "Thank you too. Without you, Judy would not have been able to prove me innocent in such a fast time. And I'm sorry for suspecting you at the start. I really was not in my correct state that time."

"It's okay," Jervis sipped down his glass of Milo.

"Why don't you drink wine?" Judy asked.

"Oh, that question..." Jervis stopped for a while, "I don't like the taste of it." Jervis turned to Nick, "I've got a job for you. In order to solve this robbery. Do you know who's Michelle?"

Nick gulped, "Yeah. Why?"

"Find her, and bring her to the police station," Jervis said, "She's involved in the robbery."

"Okay," Nick sighed.

After their dinner, they went back to Jervis's garage. Jervis passed one car key each to Nick and Judy.

"Go to my carpark below and claim your new car." Jervis said. "Cause I'm going to sleep."

As Jervis went to his room, Nick and Judy went to the carpark and searched for their car. They also saw some old cars.

"Are these our cars?" Nick asked, "Is Jervis asking us to take these lousy cars?"

"Nick, come and take a look at this," Judy screamed excitedly. Nick walked to Judy and was surprised.

There was a Ferrari F12 and a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. The Ferrari was painted in lavender and has a name tag that states Judy's name while the Mercedes was painted in black with a name tag that states Nick's name.

"They look awesome!" Judy jumped up and down in joy. Nick nodded in satisfaction.

"Let's roll out then!" Nick got into his car and drove off.

"Hey, wait for me!" Judy screamed as she hopped into her Ferrari F12. As they drove off, Jervis smiled.

Bruce sat down on his chair in his room. A combat woman walked elegantly to his room.

"You were looking for me?" The woman asked kindly.

"Kristen," Bruce stood up, "Do you mind to do something for me?"

"What is it?"

"You see, I have a few enemies who needs to get crushed," Bruce clenched his fists, "They are very fucking annoying. They stole my prize. And that bunny sticks into people's fucking, shitty business! That cunning fox is looking for Michelle. I'll plant the bomb in his car. Now, the problem is, can you help me distract him? I need to buy some time, but not too much."

"Sure, when is it?"

"Tomorrow," Bruce went out of his office and went to his garage. He hopped in his Hummer H2 and drove off.

The next day, Nick went to look for Michelle while Judy went for a ride.

As Judy was driving the car, wanting to meet Nick, she realized she was being tailed by a Hummer H2.

Judy stared closely at her rear mirror, "Isn't that..."

Suddenly, the Hummer H2 sped and it was beside Judy's Ferrari on the right two seconds later.

"It's me, bitch," Bruce shouted, "Since I can't get you back, I shall make sure nobody else does!"

Bruce then banged Judy's car on the side. Judy tried to turn right but Bruce was blocking. Judy turned to look at her front and saw a big oil tanker.

"Sweet cheese crackers!" Judy sighed. As she prayed hard to survive from the crash with the oil tanker, her driver seat was suddenly ejected and she was kicked out of the car.

Bruce drove away from the Ferrari and Judy rolled down to the next lane. The Ferrari then collided with the oil tanker and exploded into parts.

As Judy was about to get up, she got knocked down by a truck and flew some miles apart before falling down to the hard, concrete road, unconscious.

Nick knocked on a door on the tenth floor in a apartment that read "Michelle Adria". A female fox with white skin opened the door.

"Nick?" The fox looked at Nick.

Nick pulled the fox's hands, "Michelle, you're coming with me!"

"Where are you bringing me to?" Michelle asked.

"To somewhere you should belong!"

"Oh really?" Michelle twisted Nick's hand and kicked him aside. "No way that's going to happen, Nick. Not while I'm alive."

As Michelle approached Nick, he stood up and punched Michelle's face. He then saw a metal rod nearby. He picked it up and smacked her face. He then kicked her down the stairs.

Michelle recovered quickly. She got up and took out some discs. She threw them at Nick, but he dodged them.

Nick jumped and tried to hit Michelle but she dodged. She twisted his hand again and made him drop the rod. She then took the rod and smacked him down to the ninth level.

Michelle tried whacking his face but Nick dodged all of them. He kicked Michelle in the shin and punched her on the chin. She fell down.

"Surrender now, Michelle," Nick said, taking out his gun and pointing it at Michelle, "It would be better if you go to jail for your crimes."

"Nick, oh my Nick," Michelle laughed, "Since you broke my heart, I've learned martial arts from my sister. Want to know how I lived all these years without you? I lived in sorrow." She started crying softly, "I was thinking about you all the time. I just couldn't fucking forget you. Please, pity me."

Nick placed down his gun.

Michelle cleared her tears away and smiled, "Just kidding."

She kicked Nick in the dick and took the gun from him.

"Bye-bye, stupid jackass!" As she triggered the gun, she realized the gun has no bullets.

"Guess you're the stupid jackass instead," Nick punched Michelle into the lift and closed the door and pressed a button that says "Carpark."

He kicked Michelle again on the body and tried to punch her face, but Michelle held his hand and twisted it the third time. She then did fast punches on his body and his legs.

"Fuck you up in hell, Wilde!" Michelle screamed.

Back outside the apartment, Bruce drove his Hummer H2 and parked it beside Nick's Mercedes. He opened the bonnet of the car and placed a bomb in the engine.

"This shall do the trick!" Bruce taped the bomb tightly to the engine and then closed the bonnet. He then called Kristen.

"Kristen," Bruce said, "Do me a favor. Drive Nick's car to the carpark and finish him."

Back in the lift, Nick was suffering from Michelle's punches. He elbowed her, which managed to stop Michelle from punching her. He then pushed Michelle to the lift door. At the same time, the lift door opened.

Nick pushed Michelle as hard as he can and then fell down. Michelle fell down and got back up.

"Ha, Nick!" Michelle clenched her fists, "You're dead!" As Michelle ran to Nick, Nick's car suddenly drove over Michelle and killed her instantly. A woman came out with a whip on each hand. She took Michelle and sliced her head off with a whip.

"Nick Wilde," She juggled with Michelle's head, "Your head's next."

Nick got up, "Who are you? Badass Wonder Woman with the whipping thing that whips heads off?"

"Better than Wonder Woman," she swung her whips, "I'm Kristen. People call me the One-Whip Woman. Cause they know if they get hit by my whips, they get fucked up."

She aimed the head at Nick and shot it but Nick kicked it away.

"You disgusting freak!" Nick cleaned the blood from his shoes.

"Nick Wilde," Kristen swung her whips again, "You deserved this." She started whipping Nick. He jumped up and down.

Kristen then used her hardest force and slammed the whips on the road. Immediately, it cracked.

"Holy shit!" Nick started trembling.

"Enjoy the trip down to Hell," Kristen typed in a code on her watch, "Until next time, get the fuck out of my sight." Kristen then slowly disappeared.

He ran to his car and drove off. The road cracked behind him. He drove as fast as he could out of the carpark.

As he was driving out of the carpark, he heard beeping. He turned around but saw nothing.

"Guess it's just my hearing after fighting with two bitches," Nick thought.

Suddenly, his car stopped. Nick got down and saw that one of his tires went flat.

"Fuck this!" Nick slammed the door. At the same time, Jervis came in a taxi. He paid the fare and rushed out to help Nick.

"What happened?" Jervis asked.

"My car got a flat tyre," Nick said, "And there's a ticking sound."

"Ticking sound..." Jervis was in his own world for a while. Nick shook him.

"Holewhaler!" Nick screamed, "I need your help right now!"

Jervis took out a hammer and smacked the car.

"What on earth are you doing?" Nick screamed again. Jervis did not care and continued smacking the car.

After a few seconds, the car was totally wrecked.

"Why did you do that?" Nick was furious, "You gave us a car, and you smashed it. Is this a joke?"

At the same time, Nick's phone rang. Nick picked it up.


"Is this Nick Wilde, the boyfriend of Judy Hopps?" The caller on the other line asked.

"Yes," Nick said, "Yes I am."

"Judy Hopps got into an accident and is now in the hospital. She says she want to meet you now."

"Understood," Nick then closed his phone and turned to Jervis, "Because of you, now we have to wait for a taxi. Great!"

Nick walked away from Jervis. Jervis sighed.

At the hospital, Jervis and Nick searched for Judy's ward. When they found it, they rushed inside and saw Judy lying on the bed.

"Judy!" Nick ran to Judy and held her hand, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Judy said, "I was just driving my car and Bruce came after me. I almost collided with the oil tanker, but the car kicked me out. Then, as I stood up, I was hit by a truck, then everything turned black for me." She then saw bruises on Nick's hand and body.

"What happened to you, Nick?"

"I fought with two crazy bitches," Nick said, "Michelle's dead. And Jervis fucking smashed my car."

Jervis tried to talk, "I did all those for a reason..."

"I don't care your reasons!" Nick glared at Jervis, "You're not fit to see Judy too! You caused her to be injured! Get out."

Jervis glared at Nick, "Who gave you the rights to do that?"

Nick pushed Jervis, "I'm her boyfriend. I have rights to tell you to fuck off! So fuck off now!"

Jervis nodded, then went out of the ward and slammed the door. Judy sighed.

"It's not his fault," Judy said.

"It's every of his fault!" Nick said, "If we had not worked with that asshole, we would not have gotten injured!"

Judy laid down on the bed and rested.

Jervis stormed into his garage while Mark looked at him.

"What happened, brother?" Mark asked. Jervis went to take a notepad and went to his car and drove off.

"What the heck's wrong with Jervis today?" Mark thought.

As Mark was about to close the garage door, two bunnies hopped in.

"Hey, who asked you to come in?" Mark asked, "And who are you?"

The male bunny went forward, "I am Stu Hopps, father of Judy Hopps."

The female bunny then stood beside Stu, "And I'm Bonnie Hopps. We are here to look for Mr Holewhaler."

"You mean Jervis?" Mark asked, "He just stormed off just now. Didn't you see a white car driving out of here just now?"

"We did not know that was him," Stu said, "but anyway, since you're his...friend?"

Mark nodded, "Best friend."

"Since you're his best friend, we could tell you what we wanted to do and you would tell Jervis, right?"

"Tell me what's the problem," Mark said, "And don't beat around the bush."

"We would like to install a camera in this garage," Bonnie explained, "We want to check on how's Judy's doing here in the house."

"Jervis's doing perfectly fine taking care of Judy," Mark said, "There's no need for a camera."

"Please, best friend of Jervis," Stu pleaded with Mark, "Please. We just want to see. We're not meaning that we do not trust Jervis in taking care. We just want to see what she will do in the house."

"Fine," Mark took out his toolbox, "I'll do it. Because you're related to Jervis."

"Thank you so much, young man!" Bonnie hugged Mark. Mark looked weirdly at Bonnie.

The next two days, Jervis also go out and not hang out with Mark anymore. Mark always met up with Stu and Bonnie in the garage to show them the recordings of every day.

"Nothing much," Mark said, "With Judy in hospital, there would be nothing going on."

"Wait," Stu asked, "Judy's in hospital? Why did you not tell me that?"

Jervis walked in the garage, "Because I don't."

Stu and Bonnie turned back and saw Jervis.

"Holewhaler," Stu ran to him, "Tell me how Judy landed up in hospital."

Mark signaled for Jervis to tell the truth. Jervis sighed, "Which part do you want to know?"

"Everything," Bonnie said.

The next day, Judy was discharged. Nick brought Judy home and packed their luggages before walking to the garage. Jervis stopped them by walking at the entrance of the gate of the garage.

"Where do you think you're going?" Jervis asked.

"Out of here, bitch," Nick said.

At Stu and Bonnie's hotel room, Mark brought his computer and turned on the camera app. Immediately, Mark saw Jervis, Nick and Judy.

Stu and Bonnie came back from buying lunch. They handed Mark his carrot salad.

"Take a look," Mark said to Stu and Bonnie, "There might be a fight going on soon."

Back at the garage, Nick and Jervis was quarreling.

"Why do you even want to leave?" Jervis asked, giving Nick an annoyed look.

"I don't like it here," Nick said, "I don't like your face. I don't like everything about you. The first time I met you, I felt you are a disgrace. Your fucking face is so damn annoying! Do you know how much I have tolerated? Even if you hadn't help me for the police case, Judy would still be able to do it. Just that it would be longer."

"Fine," Jervis nodded, then pulled Judy to his side, "You go. She stay."

"She go," Nick went near to Jervis and glared at him, "And you fuck off."

Nick then punched him on the face and took Judy. Jervis pressed a button and the garage gate was locked.

"You're not going anywhere, fucking fox!" He then punched Nick and threw him to the table. The table cracked into half.

"Shit," Judy cursed.

Jervis ran to Nick and punched his face before carrying him up again and threw him on the floor. Nick groaned in pain.

As Jervis approached Nick and was about to punch him, Judy ran to Jervis and slapped him.

"Stop it!" Judy screamed, "You crazy human! You know, I always look up to you, Mr Holewhaler. You save my life. However, look what you've caused. You brought us into your problem, you destroyed Nick's car and made me injured. I could've jump out of the car and escape in time! Your car was the one who ejected me out of the car and I rolled onto another road and got knocked down by a truck! I don't mean to blame you, but you've injured Nick. He said the facts. He stated it clearly in your face. Why can't you just accept it? I felt the same way as Nick did. I wonder who your parents are. Did they teach you manners? I'm so disappointed in you, disgraceful man!"

Judy helped Nick up and pulled their luggages to the main door and got out. Jervis walked to his room and slammed the door.

Outside Jervis's house, Judy looked down.

"What's wrong?" Nick asked.

"I actually could not have jumped out of the car in time that time," Judy sighed, "I've told him a lie."

"Well, now we should not care," Nick replied, "Because we're free from that dick."

Judy nodded, "You're right. Let's get you treated first."

After Nick was being treated, they went to Stu and Bonnie's hotel room in the evening. They knocked on the door. Bonnie answered the door.

"Judy, Nick, you're here!" Bonnie whispered, "Your father's unhappy. Come in, quick."

Judy and Nick went in and placed their luggages down. Bonnie closed the door and went to Stu.

"Come on, Stu," Bonnie said, "Holewhaler also did some wrong."

"This is the last straw," Stu said, "She slapped Holewhaler. I cannot  tolerate this at all! She must be taught a lesson!"

Stu stood up from his bed and went to Judy and Nick. Bonnie followed him.

"Please, Stu," Bonnie begged, "Don't."

"If I don't," Stu turned to Bonnie and pointed at Judy, "Someone will never learn a lesson!"

Stu glared at Judy.

"What do you mean teach me a lesson, Dad?" Judy screamed, "He deserved to be taught a lesson. He brought us into his problems. He gave Nick a car, and yet he destroyed it. Why am I in the wrong?"

Stu slapped Judy hard.

"Where are your manners?" Stu asked angrily, "Didn't I teach you manners? Where are your manners now?"

Judy started crying, then she ran away.

"Yeah, run away! Run as far as you can!" Stu shouted, "I feel disgraceful to have a daughter like you!"

"Judy!" Nick tried to run after her, but Bonnie stopped him.

"Nick, Judy has really no manners. I feel a need to tell you something. If I don't tell you today, you guys might still misunderstand Mr Holewhaler."

Bonnie and Nick sat down on the bed while Stu closed the door.

"Nick, this might be a big blow to Judy, and I want you to tell her this," Bonnie said, "It might be a blow to you too. You'll be surprised."

"Surprised?" Nick smirked, "Is he some gangster that bullied Judy when she was young? Or her ex-boyfriend that dumped her?"

Bonnie shook her head and said something to Nick. Nick looked at Bonnie with shock.

At night, Nick went to find Judy with Mark. Mark drove his car to the park and dropped him off there. Nick went out to find Judy.

Mark was about to relax and sleep in the car when he saw a white Lotus Evora GTE approaching.

Mark took out his phone and called Jervis.

"Hello?" Jervis was sipping his coffee on the other line.

"Hey, Jervis," Mark said, "Quick, come to the park now. Bruce's here."

"And what's going on there?" Jervis asked.

"Judy's going to get attacked!" Mark screamed.

Jervis kept quiet for a while, then said, "I'll come over quickly."

Back at the park, Nick found Judy lying on a bench. He ran to Judy.

"Hey, Judy!" Nick held Judy's hand, "What are you doing here?"

"My parents kicked me out for an asshole that did us wrong," Judy sighed.

Nick looked down, "Judy, there is something I have to tell you. At first, I could not believe it, but your mother showed me evidence."

"You mean I'm related to that asshole?" Judy asked.

Nick nodded, "He is your..." As he was about to finish his sentence, someone shot him from the back. Bruce reloaded the gun and shot once more.

"Nick!" Judy screamed. Nick felt onto the floor, unconscious.

"You bitch!" Bruce shouted, pointing the gun at Judy, "Why must you ruin me? You arrested two members of the robbery. We're supposed to steal another bank, but because of you, everything is ruined. Luckily, I still have Ian. Or everything would be over. Die, bitch."

As he was about to trigger the gun, Jervis appeared and pushed him to another direction, making Bruce shoot a bird.

Mark rushed to Judy and brought her to the car. Jervis punched Bruce down and he dropped the gun. Jervis took up the gun and shot Bruce on the arm.

"Stay down!" Jervis said to Bruce.

"What's your plan, Jervis?" Mark asked.

"I'll bring Nick to hospital," Jervis shouted, "And you'll bring Judy to somewhere."

"Sure!" Mark pulled Judy into the car and drove off.

Mark drove to the garage and pulled out Judy's luggage. Judy hopped out and sat on the sofa.

"What am I doing here?" Judy asked.

Mark sighed, "Judy, it's time for you to know the truth." Mark took out some video tape recorders and a photo album.

Mark inserted the first video tape recorder into the player. Immediately, Judy saw her younger self on the screen.

"What's this?"

"Just watch, Judy," Mark replied.

As her younger self was walking through a shopping mall, she pointed at a stuffed teddy bear.

"Uncle," Young Judy said, "I want this toy."

"Ha ha ha," A voice laughed, "Sure. Anything for you."

He took out one hand and took the teddy bear to the counter.

"I want this teddy bear," The voice said.

Then the video stopped.

"Another one," Mark said as he took out the first one and played the second one.

Now, on the screen, young Judy was sitting on a chair. Her face was clawed as Gideon scratched her. The voice started talking again, and at the same time, took out a hand to apply medicine.

"Are you recording this, Uncle?" Young Judy asked.

"Of course I am!" The voice laughed, "I want to remember every moment of you when I grow up. By recording and saving all these recordings, I will remember."

"Will you forget me one day, Uncle?" Young Judy asked again.

The voice placed the medicine down as he finished applying and stroked Judy's face gently, "No, I'll never, ever forget you."

"Will you leave me?" She asked once more.

"I'll never," The voice said straight away, "I promise."

The video stopped.

"Now, look at the photo album," Mark said. Judy opened the photo album and saw her photos taken with her uncle.

"Only my uncle would have these video tape recordings and this photo album," Judy said, "Why would Mr Holewhaler have it?"

Mark sat down on a chair.

"Judy," Mark sighed, "It may be a big blow to you, but I've no choice." Mark took a deep breath, then continued, "Jervis Holewhaler is your caretaker."

Judy was shocked, "He Uncle?"

"That's why he has all these recordings and photos," Mark said, "That's why he saved you from Bruce. He's been keeping this secret from everyone except me. He knew, if he left you without saying goodbye, you would forget him and how he looked like. And so he did not reveal his identity.

"He took care of you with all his might," Mark screamed, "And this is what he get in return? A slap from you, saying he's a disgrace? Do you know how much you've hurt him?"

Judy looked down with remorse.

"Do you even know the reason why he destroyed Nick's car? Why you got ejected from your Ferrari?"

Judy shook her head.

"2 years after he left you, he recovered from his disease. He wanted to come back to your house. He wanted to continue taking care of you, but something unfortunate happened."

"What happened?" Judy asked, concern on her face.

"On the year he intended to return to your home, his wife, sister and brother died."

Judy let out a gasp.

"His brother owed Bruce Friston a big debt. That day, when Jervis wanted to leave for Bunnyborrow, was the last day to raise the debt. Jervis stayed to help, but his brother told him there's not a need to stay.

"The next day, his brother did not repay the debt. Now, here's comes the revenge. Bruce kidnapped his wife, Faith Chen. He sold her to a seller. Faith's hands and legs...and head were cut off, from what Jervis have heard.

"The next day, his sister was driving her car to work. Bruce came and crashed her to an oil tanker. The car exploded together with the oil tanker. And she died together."

"Isn't that the same incident I have met with?" Judy asked.

"Yes," Mark nodded, "but he took caution this time. He knew Bruce was going to do that to you to get rid of you, so he placed a sensor in the car that when you are near an oil tanker, you will be ejected. He has no means to hurt you."

Judy sighed, "You can continue."

"On the third day, Jervis is intending to leave Miami with his brother. Their car, unfortunately, was crashed by Bruce's car. Bruce managed to run away. Jervis could get out, but he saw his brother stuck. His brother told him to get out, but Jervis continued to get him unstuck. And out of a sudden, there was a beeping sound and boom. There goes the car. And his brother. Jervis was lucky to survive the explosion, but he withdrawn himself from the society after he was discharged for four years.

"Nobody got in touch with him until he met me in the race. And I think I shall stop there. And now you see, he saved you from Bruce for the first time as he did not want you to be sold as he did not want the same thing that happened to Faith happen to you. Then, he made sure you ejected from the car so that you don't die. You got injured, but not dead. He smashed Nick's car because he also does not want Nick to die with the car afterwards. He has good intentions, but you and Nick thought opposite. I want to ask you, what's wrong with you? Why do you even think he's a bad guy with evil means?"

Mark sighed, "It's okay if you choose to believe me or not. Anyway, Jervis instructed me to let you stay overnight here for how long you like until you're done with this place. Go and think about it." Mark then brought the photo album and the tapes back to its original place and went to his room. Judy went to the guest room.



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