The heart wants what it wants


Never give into temptation' is Selena Gomez number one rule. She learned that from dating Justin Bieber, but what will her heart say when she was unexpectedly safe from being rob by a non-fan? The worse part the person turns out to be the leader of one of the baddest mafia group in New York.


5. Trouble?...Maybe

Warning: I don't know what I just wrote and few curse curses in this.


"Selena wait here and when you hear anything, don't come outside" I said and kissed her. Why now? When I was about to make some progress? 

They. Are. So. Dead.

Selena Gomez pov**

What the fuck just happened? I...s-she...k-k-kiss me...and I liked it. No loved it. I said to myself as I touches my lips with my fingers, still in shock. 

*Bang* I heard a gunshot being fired, which bring me out of my daydreaming very quickly. Getting up from the bed I made an attempt to open the door, but stopped when I remember what Emily told me. "Selena wait here and when you hear anything don't come outside'". 

'Ah was to do?' I bite my bottom lip hard as I started to think very deeply. 'Should I go outside to see if Emily is fine? Or should I stay in here and stay out of trouble? Or I can play the hero that safe her lover and-'. Wo Selena slow down, you guys aren't lovers yet, I told myself as I did a double take on my brain(literally). Ahhhhhh...fuck this, I'm going outside.

When I opened the door and looked into the hallway, I couldn't believe my eyes. On one side of the hallway was Emily and I asked her gang mates and on the other side was a different gang. But for some reason one of them look like Emily.

"LOOK OUT" I heard someone said, I think it was Emily. Turning around to see what she was talking about, I was met with a bullet that passes my left ear. I fall to the floor from the shock that was now running through my body.

Emily pov**

When my brother told me that our father came for a visit, I got worried for Selena safety. You see my father almost never visit us so once in awhile when he visits us, we have a little family 'reunion'.  Yes you guess right. 'Our family reunion' is to try and killed many people as possible. Fun part is we all used real guns. But, don't worry we all have bulletproof vests on. That's why I told Selena to stay indoor because I didn't wanted her to get hurt because even with a bulletproof vest on, it still hurt like shit when you get hit. I will know...I mean I've gotten hit many times. 

Anyway as we continued to shoot at each other, I heard my bedroom door open and there stood Selena. I tried to tell anyone to cease fire, but it was too late. My father team had already fired their guns. I even try telling Selena to watch behind her, but it was too late when I saw her falling to the floor. I wanted to kill something now...and this time for real. 

Pointing my gun at my father team, I was getting ready to kill someone on the spot when Selena stood up and said "oops that was so close wasn't it". Close? Close? She almost got killed. Are celebrities always that stupid?

"Father I surrender this time, but next time I won't" I said as I  put my weapon away.

Does this girl even understand when someone says 'don't come outside when you hear anything?'. Ah gees.

"Selena come with me. You need to be through  how to listen" I said as I took her by the hand and led her back into the my room.

Selena Gomez pov**

"Why in the world did you came out when I clearly told you to stay inside" Emily said. "I-I'm sorry I thought you were hurt or something. I was worry ok" I yelled. Ahh is that what I get for being worried about her?. "You don't understand, you could have died" "but I didn't" I cut it.

"Remember this Selena, you belong to me for the week and what I tell you to do you do it" said Emily. My heart stopped just by hearing her words. 

Of course, I was just her play thing.

Emily pov**

"Remember this Selena, you belong to me for the week and what I tell you to do you do it" I yelled at Selena and soon regretted it when I saw a hurtful look on her face. "I'm sorry Selena, you know I didn't mean it. I was just worried about you, you know? And I'm sorry" I said calmly.

"I-I'm sorry too. I should have listened when you told me to stay indoors and who was those other people?" she asked. 'So cute'.

"Just my father, but don't worry about that now because-" I was saying when someone knock at my room door. "Come in and you're dead" I growl angrily at the door. After that I heard footsteps quickly disappeared into the distance.

No one is going to get in my way again. She's mine for the week and I'm going to make every day, hours, minutes, and second counts.

Making my way towards Selena, I had on a lustful look in my eyes. As I got closer she quickly took couple steps backward.

"Where were we again?"



Yep you guess right(smut next chapter)

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