The heart wants what it wants


Never give into temptation' is Selena Gomez number one rule. She learned that from dating Justin Bieber, but what will her heart say when she was unexpectedly safe from being rob by a non-fan? The worse part the person turns out to be the leader of one of the baddest mafia group in New York.


8. Forgiving her


When I turn around as I got ready to jump Selena, but stopped when I saw that she had fallen back to sleep. How can a girl fall asleep with all this drama going on around her?' I question myself. Nonetheless, I got back into bed and cuddle with Selena. Not long I too fell asleep.


Selena Gomez pov**

It's been about four days now since Emily brought me to stay with her for the week. I'm surprised that my manager hasn't call-...I was cut out of my thoughts by my phone ringing. "Speaks of the devil" I murmur to myself when the calling was infact my manger.

"Selena we have a problem" he quickly said when I press the answer bottom on my phone. "O.K? What's the problem?" I asked a bit worried.

"Selena please tell me you're at the hotel like you said you were going to be?" He asked me and being me I lied.

"Hmm...y-yes I'm at the hotel, why?" I asked. "There's a rumor going around among the fans and the public that they demand answers to". "What rumor?" I asked not believing my own ears. 'Did the public and fans started another Selena and Justin still love each crap again?' I wanted to say, but bite my tongue instead and simply said. "Is this about Justin" I spat his name angrily. 'Why can't I life my life with out people thinking I still love him?'.

"Mm close, but no" he said. 'What could be any big then me and Justin? Now this I wanna hear'.

"Then what is it?" I asked sharply. I wanted to know right away without him going around the bush, instead of just getting to the point. "It's hmm...well I rather not talk about it on the phone, that's why I'm cutting your vacation short because I need you to come back" he said and I almost yelled at him.

"You want me to come back?" I said trying to keep myself from yelling into the phone. "Now? Right now?".

"Yes Selena right now, not like you're doing anything important right now anyway right?" I could tell that he wanted to asked me something important, but for some reason he couldn't muster the words up. 'Yes' I thought, but said "no" on to him.

"That's good because I need you back here by tomorrow" with that said he hang up the phone and I was left speechless. 'What was I going to tell Emily?' I thought, but of course I had no answer. 'What can be so big then Justin and I being together? And why won't he just tell me it over the phone?' Ahh...I'm going insane.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn't heard Emily coming into the room.

"Ena...Selena...SELENA?" "Huh?" I asked her when I was back to myself. "Are you ok Sel? You look pale?" She asked with worriedness I her voice. "I-I'm fine" I lied, but was quickly cut off by Emily growl.

"Don't lie to me Selena".

"I'm not lying" I said this time with more confidently.

"We both know you're lying so just tell me" I gives in. Of course I couldn't lied to her. 'I sooo need that acting class'.

"M-my manager want me to go back, but he hasn't really told me the real reason why yet" I simply said. "When?" "T-t-tomorrow" I stutter quickly and Emily face turned dark. "What about our deal?" She asked. "What deal?" I asked dumbfounded.

"The deal that you're be mine for a week".

"Oh! I thou...didn't...well I...after all this all a deal to you?" I said her and was beyond surprised by her answer. "Yes". That one word send feeling of disgust down my soul. 'So she never loved me? It all all just a game...a deal?'.

"I see" I said broken hearted.

"The deal was I could stay for a week and be yours, but since it's been only four days the deal is off the table" I said as I when to park my stuff. I can't stay here anymore because I don't know what I will do then I don't leave now.

When all my things was together I turned to face Emily and said, "it was fun being here and...never mind, I hope I see you again". With that said I left never looking back again.

'If this is what love feels like them I don't want to feel it again'.


**Few months later**

I was sitting in my recording studio as always when one of my friend came over to me and told me that someone was waiting for me outside. Wondering who it was, I put my songbook down and when outside.

When I got outside I couldn't believe my eyes. 'Maybe I was dreaming' I tried slapping myself awake, but it wasn't working.

"E-Emily?" I almost yelled with happiness.

"Hey Sel" she said and one thing led to another I jumped her in public and kissed her. Seeing this happening, people came around us as they toke pictures of me kissing her. I didn't care about what people might say later because all I wanted was to kiss Emily and that's what I'm going to do.

We pulled away from the kiss for few seconds so we could breathe, but what that second was over I pulled her back in for one more passionate kiss. When we finally pulled away I looked her in the eyes and said "I'm gay for you Em and I don't care what the world says because I want to be yours forever".

"And I'm yours" she smiled then continued "I'm really sorry can you please forgive me?".

"Of course" and we were kissing again.

Justin Bieber can kiss my ass for what I care...wait no let me rephrase that. Justin Bieber can stared at my ass for what I care, but he can never touch it.

Can't wait to see the 5 O'clock news tomorrow. The headline with be 'HAS SELENA GOMEZ GONE CRAZY OR GAY?'. That's all a story for another day, because today is now.


(Please forgive me grammars and errors)

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