Princess Alivina: Where Stars Collide

Lavinia Harvey is not who she thinks she is. She is not from the world of magic. She is from a world out of our galaxy. She lives her life feeling useless and has been looked down by her human siblings. But it all changes when she meets Buford Treadway in her backford on a very early morning. He is there to help her get back to where she truly belongs. Where stars collide, and hearts would bind, a crown shall shine.


1. Meeting Buford Treadway

"Lavinia Harvey!" the woman cried out my name loudly. I winced at her voice ringing through my ears. I collected my papers and scrambled to her. She was a foot taller than me, wide as a bathroom door and sported an angry red face. Not a pretty thing, isn't she? I adjusted my black rimmed glasses and tugged my lips upward into a smile. She looked at me and probably wondered why I was wearing a baggy gray t-shirt with blood red tights. It was not the best outfit I had in my wardrobe but, it certainly was my favorite. She let out a grunt and pointed to the stage. Her appearance scared me that I dared not utter a word of thanks. I walked onto the stage and the bright spotlights from on top shone on me. I squinted my eyes at first but then they adjusted to the lights. I could see a lot of teenagers playing on their phones and I couldn't help it but wonder why were they here. Stay home, if you want to play on your phones all day. 

I grabbed the microphone and cleared my throat. Many blonde heads, black heads, brown heads, even rainbow heads shot up to look at me with bored expressions. I swallowed my nervousness and excitement. 

"Hi. I'm Lavinia Harvey. I'm here to teach you all the secrets of growing flowers or any kind of plants," I said and the staffs carried 7 flower pots filled with soil on to the stage. They set it down in front of me. I thanked them and looked at my paper.

"Why are plants so important to our world? That's because they change the carbon dioxide into oxygen which is very important because we breathe oxygen," I explained. I explained further more why Hydrogen Peroxide is very useful when it comes to gardening. They keep the roots from rotting away and keeps all the bugs away from your plants. 

I looked up from my paper and was startled by the sight before my eyes. Over 50% of the students had left. Around 20 students were still here. I gave them a small smile and some of them yawned in return. I swallowed and said, "Flowers are perfect gifts to give to your love ones. The colors have meanings like: Pink means happiness. Yellow means fear. Red means lust. Dark red means hate........."

I stopped talking when all of the students got up and left. Only 1 boy remained in his seat watching me. He was oddly dressed to me because instead of wearing casualties, he was wearing a black suit. He was strangely pale and his eyes were pitch black. I looked to my left and couldn't see the big fat lady anymore.

Where did she go?

I adjusted my glasses once more and walked over to the flower pots. I lifted up a plastic bag that had seeds in them. I poured the seeds into my hands and planted them into the soil. I ran my dirty hands across the soil and a small little green plant poked through the dirt. I gasped and quickly covered it with my hands. I looked up to where the boy was and, he was no longer there. I guessed nobody loved nature the way I did. That was my secret. I had powers to make things grow. It was hard for me to feel normal. I hate it every time when I see people cutting trees down or burning the forest.

I lifted my hands off the plant and decided to head back home. I was sure Jaxon and Penelope would be laughing for my unsuccessful day presenting my favorite topic.Now, you're probably wondering who in the world is Jaxon and Penelope. Let me start in the beginning.

Long time ago, Gabriel Harvey and Nora got married. Then they found me right in the middle of the street while they were driving back home. They adopted me and told me that someone wrote a letter telling them to name me 'Lavinia'. A few months passed and then came Jaxon and Penelope (Well, everyone calls her 'Penny'). They too got adopted by the Harveys. So by law, they were my siblings. Jaxon was the same age as me. He sported a tall height, jungle green eyes and black hair. Penny was the opposite of Jaxon. She sported a short height, big ocean blue eyes and golden platinum blonde hair.

I walked back home totally disappointed on how my presentation turned out. I was upset at Nora for not telling me that my favorite topic was boring. I opened the front door and was greeted by a very red lipped Penny. She threw a disgusted look at my outfit which caused me to roll my eyes. 

"Where did you get that outfit, Vee?" Penny asked, using my nickname. 

I sighed and forced a smile to my face. "Oh, I got it out of wardrobe. Would you like to borrow it?"

"Really, I thought you dug it out of a trash can somewhere," she sneered. I opened my mouth to say something back but, the entrance of Jaxon took my attention. He smirked and asked, "How was your day, Vee? I heard that your presentation was so interesting that everyone left."

 I glared at him and asked, "What is your problem, Jax?"

He shrugged playfully and said, "Nothing."

I shook my head and pushed past both of them into the living room. Gabriel was still at work and Nora was probably at the herb store. She always had this natural way of keep our body healthy and strong by making all of us drink herbal stuff. I opened the door to my bedroom and sighed tiredly.

I dropped my bag onto the floor and sat down on my bed. 

I stared up at my ceiling which was beautifully painted by me. I painted a galaxy using some liquid from glow sticks awhile back. I loved it. I felt like there was some place out there waiting for me. Sometimes in my sleep, I would hear someone calling me by another name, Alivina. I have once rearranged the letters and found out that it could also spell into my real name Lavinia. I was sure I was too deep into my head that reality and dreamland was crashing together.

My eyes wandered to my presentation papers and I thought of that boy. He was so odd yet, attractive at the same time.I have never seen anyone as perfect as he was. His raven black hair and pitch black eyes that made you feel like you were staring into a black hole. If I got a chance of seeing him again; I would go for it. But would he like to see someone like me? Look at me. Plain. No make-up. Not even a touch of lipstick on my lips. No perfume because I just don't really like the smell that much, especially the one Penny uses. It made me sick to my stomach.



"TURN OFF YOUR STUPID ALARM CLOCK, VEE!" Penny shouted loudly from her bedroom. Unfortunately, my bedroom was right next to hers. I opened my eyes and pressed the snooze button. Penny was never a morning person. Jaxon? He was nothing but a nocturnal boy. Active at night like a crazy messed up monkey. I sat up and it was 5 in the morning.

I opened my curtains and gasped. There was the boy from yesterday standing in our backyard. He was staring right back at me. Then, he bowed as if I was some princess. I closed my curtains and quietly tiptoed to downstairs. Good thing, Gabe and Nora were heavy sleepers. I opened the door to the backyard and walked out. It was still a little chilly but, not too bad.

"W-who are you?" I asked, looking at him.

He bowed once more and said, "My name is Buford Treadway. I am here to take you back home, Princess Alivina." What shocked me the most was this Buford Treadway guy knowing my imaginary name and calling 'princess' was an addition to my fright.

I cocked my head to the side and asked, "How did you know that name?" A frown appeared on his face.

"It is your name, Princess."

"No, I am not Alivina. I have never told anyone that name. I just made it up when I was dreaming. I am not a princess. I'm sorry. You have the wrong person."

He shook his head and said, "Princess Alivina, have you ever wondered why you have the power to make things grow? Have you ever wondered why you love the stars so much that you painted a galaxy on your bedroom ceiling?"

I stared at him utterly surprised. My deepest secrets, he knew all of them. Who is this guy?

"Come with me. I promise that your life will be much better than this," Buford said, offering his hand.

I shook my head and said, "Sorry, I'm not going anywhere." I turned around to find a girl who looked not much older than me. She smiled and sprayed something into my face. I coughed and then my eyes closed into the darkness.

"Sleep well, sister," her familiar voice echoed gently in my head.



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