FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


6. Chapter 6: Surprise!!!!!



I was in the living room on my phone when the door bell rings. What??? Everybody is home and nobody comes over. I get up and go get the door. When I open it I see mom Jack and Ben standing there with big smiles on their face.

"What are you guys doing here? you werent supposed to be back for another week!" I hug them all. "Well, we got sick of waiting to come see my babies so we decided to come home early. But Jack and ben have to go back in 3 days."

"Speaking of which, where is Cassie?" Ben asked. I sigh ,"She's in her room but watch out she's in a mood." They nod. "I got this one," Jack says heading upstairs.

Jack's pov

I volunteer to go get Cassie knowing no one else would. When Cassidy gets mad sge turns into a little demon. But we have always had a special bond and i miss her so much. I go upstairs and know on her door. 

"Who is it," She shouts. "Urm its your brother," I call through the door. "Go away Lucas I don't want to talk to you." I laugh at myself. I slowly open the door and she is laying on her bed facing the other way.

"What if I told you it wasn't Lucas," I say slowly. She gasps and looks up at me. "JACK!!!!!," She says as she jumps into my arms. "I missed you so much," she sobs into my neck. "I know I missed you to," I hold her tightly.

 He gets down and looks up af me. "Bens here to you know." Her I light up and she runs fown the hall towards there stairs. I chuckle as I follow her.

Cassie's pov.

OMFG THEIR HERE I MISSED THEM SO FUCKING MUCH. I run down the stairs and his back is turned to me. I jump on his back. I cover his eyes. "Guess who," I whisper in his ear.

I always used to do that when I was little befire our parent got divorced. "Cassie!" he turns around and picks me up while spining me like he used to. I laugh while he puts me down and hugs me tightly.

"Hey your own mother doesn't get a hug to??," I gasp and run over to her. "Mum I missed you so much!," I say. She lets me go to get a good look at me. "oh my your haur is so long!!" she says taking a strand of it. I nod and go sit at the kichen table next to Ben and Jck and across from Luke. I glare ar him.


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