FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


3. Chapter 3: Shopping for a new room

 Cassie's pov


I woke up and smell bacon yum!! But I dont wanna go downstairs and have to deal with Luke. I put on some jeans grab my phone and wallet and go downstairs. Mikey is cooking bacon and Ashton is at the table.

"Good morning," I say. I walk by an take Ashton bacon. "Hey that was mine," he pouts. "Shutup." "You know your just like Luke in the morning". I glare at him and go put my shoes on. "Where are you going," Micheal asks.

"Im going to the store to get some new stuff to redecorate my room. Wanna come?" "yeah sure". I grab Luke's keys from the drawer. Luke comes downstairs. "Your not taking my car." I just roll my eyes. "Ill be in the car Mikey." "Wait were are you going," Luke questions. "Out," I say and I walk out the door and into his car.

Mike comes down 2 minutes later.


Me and Michael are home and I'm taking my stuff up to my room. I got a new headboard, curtains, bed set, comforter and 3 cans of gray paint. I also got a new rug, dressers an 2 lamps. After I take apart my bed I take it to the attick and move the rest of my furniture with Ashtons help.

I was getting ready to paint my room when Calum and Luke walk in. "Whoa....can we help?!?" Calum asks. Yeah sure. I chuck them both a paint roller and get started.

Once we were half way through the guys decide to take a break and go downstairs leaving me with Luke.

"Cassie," he starts. "Yes," "I just wanted to say Im very sorry for yelling and getting mad at you. It's just hard to accept that my baby sister is all grown up..ya know?" "Luke you only older than me by  3 minutes." He rolls his eyes playfully.

"So do you except my apology?" I pretend to this about it for a second and then an Idea hits me. I take my roller, roll it in the paints and swipe is face with it. "Yes i accept your apology" "Your gonna get it.! He takes his brush and splaters it on me. I take the can and dump it on him.

"Aww who wants a hug," he says coming closer to me. "Lucas if you take one more step I will punch you" "DONT CALL ME LUCAS!!" He says tackling me. By now we were both covered head to toe in gray paint.

The guys walk in "Whoa what the fuck happened in here?" Mike asks. "Ummm nothing!"Luke and I say together. We all laugh and continue painitng.


I wake up in the living room and remeber that My room is dry now. Last night the guys and I built all the furnitur together so all I have to do today is decorate. I put all my poesters up and push my dreesers to each side of the bed.

I put my lamps on each dresser and hang my curtains up. Now its finished and looks like this.

Sorry for this shitty chapeter. I just needed a way for them to make up. The next chapter will be better I promise.

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