FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


25. Chapter 24: Baby shower

Cassies pov

"Babe. Baby. Cassie wake up," Calum says poking my cheek.

"No," I say trying to rool over. But i fail because my belly. I am now 7 months and am fatter than an elephant that ate 20 pigs.

"c'mon we have somewhere to be," he says. I attempt to sit up but immediately fall back down.

"Babe im stuck."

He laughs and helps me to my feet. I hug him and burry my nose in his neck while he rubs my back.

"Okay now go get dressed," he says after a couple minutes. I walk to the closet and he slaps my ass before running into the bathroom.

I pick out a long flowey foral dress. I put on my black ankle booties and walk into the bathroom after Cal leaves. I get out my makeup studd and start to put it on. Calum walks in and hugs me frop behind. He wraps his arms under my belly bumb and kisses my cheek. 

I turn around and kiss him. When we pull away he walks into the kitchen and i go into the living room and take a picture.

i post it on IG and twitter with the caption (Photot bombed by Charlie:P  7 months prego) I get a lot of likes and retweets from my fans that I have gained from youtube.

"Hey babe you ready?" cal asks.

"Yeah lets go," I say walkng to the car. When we get in i ask

"Where are we going?."

"Its a surprise."

"U know i hate surprises," i say.

"Well this one you are going to love," placing his hand on my thigh.

After 20 minutes we pull up to mom and Lukes house.

"Wtf," I mutter under my breath. We get out and walk inside. Its dark and looks like no one is home.

"um...hello?," i ask.

The lights come on and there are blue and pink baloons and streamers everywhere.

Mt family, the boys, Ethan, other youtubers, and friends frpm school pop out and scream


"Holy shit you guys!!," I say hugging them.

"Language," mom says sternly. Everyone laughs and we go to the back yard. Ethan and I were talking when the guys from o2l (A/N sorry i had to. I miss them. In this story they are still together) walk up to us.

"Hey Cassie...And babies. How are you?," Kian asks.

"We are good," I laugh.

"do you know the gender of the babies yet?," Sam asks.

"No not yet. Calum and I have a doctors appointment on Saturday to find out though."

"If its a boy.......or a girl name them TREVOR!!!!!!," Trevor says flipping his long hair. We all laugh.

Mom calls us in to open presents. I get a bunch of baby clothe, blankets,diapers, car seats, strollers, toys,books, bottles, bibs, and Mom got us 2 white Wooden cribs.

"Aw thankyou guys so much!!," I say almost in tears. Stupid hormones. We eat cake and chat some more. Everybody started leaving but I got o2l, magcon, Alisha marie, Mia stammer, Shane dawson, and Sarai's numbers In case we need to collab. 

(They are all youtubers)

On our way home Calum puts a blindfold on me. We pull into our parking space and he gides me into our house. I can tell its ours because of my Vanilla candles and Charlie barking.

He leads me upstairs and he stoprs and tells me to take the blind fold of. When i do i see the nursery for the babies all painted. The furnisher was up and all of the clothes and stufd that we got is in the closet.  The walls are grey and have a tree with yello leaves on it. The bedding alon with other dcorations are yellow too.

"Oh my goodness I LOVE IT!!," I say with tears runnind down my face.

"I knew you would," he says hugging me.

We stay in eachothers embreace and he says ,"I will love you and these babies no matter what. You guys are my world and my everything. I promise to love you to infinty and beyond," he says laughing at the last part.

I giggle and take his pinkie in a promise position. 

"Infinity and beyond."

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