FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


23. Chapter 22: Baby Tag

Calum's pov

2 weeks later

The past two weeks have been pretty normal. Cassie was released and we all had a family dinner. Today everybody is at school except for me and Cassie. 

Im in the kitchen getting us snacks for a movie night. I walk back into the living room and see her laying on the ground with her shirt rolled up staring at her bumb.

"What are you doing silly?," I ask. "The babies will not stop moving," she answers.

I lay next to her and poke her belly. "Oh Shit!," she exclaims. "Do it again?." 


I poke her again and see a little hand print come out. I practicaly scream and pull out my phone. I press record and do it to the other side and the same thing happens. 

We continue doing that until the babies eventually stop responding so we watch movies.

I posted the vido to instagram and twitter and everybody commens names and stuff for the babies. I show Cassie and she smiles really widely.

After about an hour she randomly gets up and walks upstairs.

"Where are you going babe?," I question. "Ill be right back," she yells back.

A few momemts later she comes back with her guitar. 

"Remeber the night you asked me to sing to you?," I nod ,"Well I never got the chance so..."

She sits down and starts to play an acoustic version of 'Do I Wanna Know' by Arctic Monkeys.

Then she started to sing. Her voice was like sweet lemonade on a hot day (A/N sorry i had to). When she finished she looks back up at me.

"That. Was. Fucking. AMAZING!!" I shout.

She giggles and shruggs her shoulders.

"You should have our record deal sign you. You could become famous, sell albums, go on tours," I trail off. She laughs even more.

"Ill tell you what. Ill post a few covers of me singing on my channel and if i get good feedback, ill concider it. But until then, im tired and i want to cuddle," she says putting her arms up like a baby.

I get up and carry her up the stairs. I lay her in the bed and take my shirt off before climbing in next to her.

"I promise to love you to infinity and beyond," I whisper.

"Infinity and beyond," she says back. After a while of silence she giggles to herself.

"Is that our new okay?."

"Yeah except im not dying of cancer," I joke. She turns to face me and kisses my lips. She pulls away and lays back down.

"Goodnight Cal."

"Goodnight babies."

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