FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


2. Chapter 2: Beach day

 Cassie's pov

After the guys and I finish eating I go upstairs to change into my bathing suit. It has a hot pink top with black lines on it and black swim shorts. I aslo get my cicular watemelon towel and put thar and some sun screen in my beach bag. I slip on my sandles and go downstairs.

When I go downstairs I see all the guys sitting at the kitchen table with their shorts on, they instantly look up at me. They all stare at me like i'm a zombie....well all except for Luke. Instead he looks at the guys staring at me and throws grapes at them.

"So are we gonna go or are you all gonna sit their like you just saw a ghost?" I raise my eyesbrow at them. "Urm yeah lets go," they all say heading towards the door. 

Once we were all in the car I grabbed the aux cord before Luke had the chance to.  Michael, Calum and Ashton sat in the back while I was inthe front and Luke is driving.

"Please dont put on anything stupid"He pleads. I pull out my phone and put on my favorite playlist. The first song comes on 'American Idiot' by Green day. They all gasp at me. "......What". They dont say anything.

We all sing along.

 dont wanna be an american idoit

dont want a nation under the new media

and can you hear the sound of hysteria

the subliminal mind fuck america.

we all scream at the top of our lungs. And burst into a fit of laughter.


As soon as i put down my beach bag, I dart into the water and hear as the boys stampeed behind me splashing me. I turned around and look at them. "you did NOT just do that" all of them have a cheeky grin on. 

"Maybe we did, maybe we didnt," Ashton shrugs. I glare at them.



"uh oh"




I chase after them as they all spred apart, some running towards the shore and some swimming in all different drirections. I swam as fast as I could and caught up to Micheal. I jump on his back and we both go under the water. When we come back up im still on his back.

"YOU WORK FOR ME NOW PEASANT!!". "okay whats the plan master. "Okay you go find those who are still in the water and I will go to shore. You will bring the back to me dead or alive." 

He swims away and I go back to the shore and start walking towards were we put our stuff down. I see Calum behind a tree. I run up to him and tackle him to the ground.

Im on top of him. "Whoa," He says. I smile at him. His big brown eyes are to die for. UGH why did my brother have to have the sexiest band mates.

Lets go to the board walk. He grabs my hand and pulls me to an ice cream stand. "Let me guess......Cookies-N-Cream??" ,"How did you know??" "Thats your brothers favorite too.." "Oh." He orders us two scoops of ice cream and we link arms and skip down the board walk like idiots. "WAIT!!" I pause. "I wanna get a henna"  I pull out a 20 and hand it to the lady.


 We go back to the beach and see the guys standing there. "Were have you been?!?" Luke questions. "We went to the board walk." "With who's permission." "I dont need anybody's permission to go somewhere Lucas." "YOU HAD ME WORRIED SICK," He yells. "I WAS GONE FOR 15 FUCKING MINUTES. IM NOT 10 ANYMORE I KNOW HOW TO LOOK AFTER MYSELF." I start to walk away. "Were are you going?"he asks calmly. "Away from you..and don't bother following me because I dont want to talk to you until you realize that im not a little girl anymore. We are the same age. We share the same everything!! So for now just leave me alone." I turn back around.

I can hear them yelling after me, but I keep walking until Im posistive they can't find me. I call a taxi to go home.


When I get home nobody is home yet so I run Upstairs and lock my door. I change into a hoodie and some shorts climb into bed and fall asleep.

 Calums pov

When Cassie left me and the guys rush home hoping she will be there. When we pull into to the drive way, Luke jumps out of the car and runs upstairs.

When we get up their we see Luke viciously shakind the door knob. "CASSIE LYNN HEMMINGS OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR." When he calms down, he slides down the door with tears straming down his face.This was a shock because we rarely see him cry.

Ash and Mike fo comfort him "Where are you going," Ashton asks as I start to walk away. "Im , uh, Im gonna go for a walk. Ill be right back." I walk out the house and around it towards Cassie's balcony. I climb the tree and jump onto her balcony.

When I go in I see her laying their peacefully. I sit down on her bed and she looks up at me with her reddened puffy eyes. "How did you get in here?" she sniffs. "I climbed onto your balcony. I just wanted to see if you were okay." 

"Thanks but im fine." I nod and get up walking toward the door when she stops me. "Wait,will you stay with me?." "Erm yeah sure" I reply. She scoots over and I climb into bed with her. She snuggles into me.

"Will you play me a song?" I ask. She looks up at me. "Another time" she says before laying back down. 5 minutes later I here soft snores coming from her. I slip out from under her and slowly open her door and see the guys sitting down. 

"How did you get in there?" Luke asks. "I climbed onto her balcony but shes asleep now. Are you guys hungry?" They all nod and we head downstairs.

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