FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


17. Chapter 16: Ultrasound photos

(Spongebob narrator voice)

~2 weeks later~

Cassies pov

ugh pain. Today im secretly going out with Calum to go get my ultrasound done. Ive been putting on a lot of weight and i dont know if thats normal concidering im only two months pregnant.

I put on a sweatshirt (A/n you can wear my SWEATSHIRT sorry...) and leggings and waddle down the stairs. Once im down i put on my brown boots and grab my car keys.

As soon as i reach for the door i hear someone say ,"Were are you going?."

I turn arouns and see Luke.

"I-i'm going to the...mall?." Damnit that sounded like a question. He narrows his eyes at me like he doesnt believe me.

"Okay," he shruggs and turns around. I sigh of relieve and get into Calums car that was waiting downstairs.

"Hey cutie," he says smiling.

"Wel someones excited," I giggle. "Well who wouldn't be exited to see their child for the first time."

I shrugg and stare out the window as he continues to drive. On the way their "Missing you" by All Time Low comes on. I gasp and start singing along.

Toward the end of the song I noticed that he turned the radio down a little ans was just listening to me sing.

"you jerk," I pout. He chuckles and says ,"I couldnt help myself. Your voice is very beautiful... like you."

I blush a little. "Your so cheesy," i poke my tongue out. "Yeah but im shredded," he says flexing his muscles. (A/n you get the jist?

I crack up laughing and we pull into the hostpital. We gwt checked in and wait for my name to be called.

Onve we are in the doctors office the lady puts that cold ass jelly shit on my belly bumb amd smears it around.

I smile as the baby pops up on the screen. The babys heart beat filled the room and my eyes filled with tears. But their wasnt only one. The nurse lady practically screams ,"THEIRS TWINS."

My jaw drops and i look at calum. His expression is kinda the same but turns into a giant smile.

The lady prints out pictures, congradulates us and we get back into the car.

"Wow," i say. Calum does his hapoy dance and i laugh. "What are we gonna do now that theirs two?." 

"Well we raise them they frow up be successful, like us, and we live happily ever after the end."

"If only it were that easy," i mumble. He takes my hand and drops me off. I peck his cheek and climb out of his car.

When i enter the house i start walking up stairs only to be stopped by Luke. "Hey Cassie, were are your bags?."

SHIT!! I forgot i was 'going to the mall'.

"Erm i um.............Forgot my wallet. Yeah i drove all the way over there and realized i forgot my wallet haha silly me."

" For 2 hours?," I nod slowly. He shakes his head but turns around. I run upstairs and look at the picturse of the ultrasound. 

I smile and place them onto the desk before crawling into bed and falling asleep.

Luke's pov

My twin tellepathy is telling me something is seriously wrong. She has been acting crazy ans very suspicious. Maybe i should spy on her.

I go upstairs and sneek into her room only to see her sleeping. I turn around about to walk out when i notice somwthing on her desk.

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!. Is that an ultrasound photo?!?! IS CASSIE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put the picture in my pocket and walk out


A/n oml Luke found out!!! I picked out the names for the twins already. Its kind of a combination of the first few comments. So if your name didnt get chosen it might be the middle name. Im sorry to the others whos name didnt get picked but thanktou so much for reading my crappy stories and i love you all!!! XXXX -Aniyyah

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