FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


10. Chapter 10: New Puppy!!!

.Cassie's pov

I wake up and every part of my body hurts. I sit up and my head shoots with pain as memories of lasr night flood through my mind. "Oh shit," I say. I must've woken Calum because he groans behind me. "Luke is going to kill us," I say getting up and pulling on my spare change of clothes.

He nods and get up slowly. I throw him his spare t-shirt and basketball shorts and we go downstairs. People are passsed out in random places and there is trash everywhere. 

I search through the cabnits until I find advil. I take one and toss it to Calum. After we finish getting out stuff we go outside and see Luke's car is missing.

"Do you think he went home this morning or last night?," I ask. "I dont know." "Hopefully he's safe," I say. He nods.

As we start walking home he takes my hand and I smile. "Cassie can I tell you somethini?," he says slowly.

"Yeah anything. What's up?," I reply. "I just wanted to apologize. I dont know what go into me last night. And i already know Luke is going to find out and probably kill me. And he might even stop me from seeing you. But no matter what happens I still love and care abput you." she says.

I smile up at him. "Its not your fault Cal. I was in this to....and I love and care about tou to." he grins. While we are walking I notice a little figure running towards us. I pick it up and its a husky puppy.

"Aww he's so adorable." A lady comes running out of the store. "Oh my gosh im so sorry about that," she says taking the puppy from me. As she starts to walk away I realize how bad I want a puppy.

"Wait! is he for sale?" I ask. "Yeah he is would you care to adopt?," she ask curiously. I look at Calum and he shrugs before nodding. I smile and also nod towards the lady.

She signals for us to follow her. She gives us forms to sign. For his name I write down Charlie. I fill out my name and then I see a line for second owner. "Hey Calum would tou like to be an owner?," I ask. His eyes light up as he smiles. He nods his head vigurously.

I laugh. After that we buy supplies for charlie and finish our walk home. When we get in i notice nobody is home. As soon as I sit down my phone startes to ring. Its luke.

( L-luke M-me)

M- hello?

L-hey cassie i need you to pick me up!

M- where the hell are you.

he whispers something that i can't make out.

M- what!

L- Im at the police station....

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