Not With My Daughter

Someone bumped into me, causing them and there books to fall. "I am so sorry"I said then helped them. I looked up and saw a quiffed haired boy. "I'm Loren"I smiled. "I'm Mark"He looked up and smiled. I handed him his books and we got up. "Come On Loren! Joey's about to go on!"Ariel dragged me. He was cute...


6. Chapter 6|Rumors and Breakups

A/N: Okay...So if you don't like my books please don't read them.If They're not the right books for you then stop reading them! They're not for you to criticize, Okay?, They're for other people to ENJOY! so if you don't like them then BYE HATERZ


S E V E N    W E E K S    L A T E R

I smiled as i walked into school.Yes, I got my cast off last week but it still hurt a bit.I walked over to my locker and put my stuff in it.I got some nasty glares.People kept whispering.

"Slut"I even heard a girl mumble.

What? I slammed my locker, reveling a angry Joey.

"Hey!"I said smiling.

"Is 'Hey!' All you have to say?!?!"He said, raising his voice.

"Are you really mad about what happened? it was an accident".

"Yeah I'm mad! Why wouldn't i be?!?!".

"I mean I'm not that mad.If Kyle and Devon wouldn't have done it then it wouldn't have happened".

"Kyle And Devon did you too?!?!?!?!".

"Me? Did Me? What do you mean?".

"Have sex with you! Ariel saw Mark walk into your house the other day! And she said she saw him drop a golden wrapper then pick it back up! Two can play it that game Loren, I slept with Ariel! Happy?!?!".

Everyone gasped.

"Woah Woah Woah! I'm A Virgin Joey! I told you this, I told you i didn't want to have sex until Marriage! That so called 'Golden Wrapper' That you thought was a condom, it was a chocolate bar because he felt bad about what happened! And Joey, We're done! How could you?!?!"I yelled at him, Not caring if everyone was staring.

I slapped him, Hard.Like So hard that China could hear it.Then I ran to the bathroom.

"Loren! Wait!"I heard Someone yell.

I ran in the bathroom and in a stall.I leaned against the wall and slid down it.I put my knees to my chest and cried.

"Loren?"Someone asked.

"Go away!"I yelled.

"Loren...It's Mark"He said.

I stood up and unlocked the stall.I opened it.

"Someone to talk to?"He asked.

I nodded.I walked out the stall.He brought me to a hug and i just broke down in his arms.


She just cried in my arms.Gosh why would he do this? I hate seeing girl cry over a stupid boy.I wanted her but not in this way...It's just cruel.

* * *

I looked around.I saw Loren sitting alone.I looked at her table and everyone was just there, laughing at her.I walked to Loren's table.I put my lunch box down and walked over to the popular table.

"Joey!"I yelled.

He turned around and stood up.

"What the hell do you want?"He asked, annoyed.

I don't know what came over me...I just...I punched him in his jaw, causing his to fall to the ground.Everyone gasped.I jumped on Joey and continued to punch him.He pushed me off and punched me.We kept fighting until Someone pulled us away.I looked over and Loren wasn't there.

"Where's...Where's Loren?"I asked, lightheaded.

Then...Everything went black...

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