Not With My Daughter

Someone bumped into me, causing them and there books to fall. "I am so sorry"I said then helped them. I looked up and saw a quiffed haired boy. "I'm Loren"I smiled. "I'm Mark"He looked up and smiled. I handed him his books and we got up. "Come On Loren! Joey's about to go on!"Ariel dragged me. He was cute...


4. Chapter 4|Birthdays and Broken Legs



I put on my shoes and ran downstairs.

"I know Madison--"I heard Dad say.

I hid behind the wall.

"Yeah, She's in good hands, She's been with me for the last 14 years--Yeah I get today's her birthday but we had a legal agreement, I get full custody and i don't think it's time for her to meet her mother"He said.

My mother?

"If you want to you can, Don't blame me if she doesn't like you for not being there, Bye Madison"he said angry then hung up.

I came out from the wall.

"Hey, Ready?"I smiled.

"Yeah, I'll be right there i just gotta get your lunch ready, Wait in the car"He sighed.

I nodded then walked out.I took out my phone and went on snapchat.I turned the camera towards me.I stuck my tongue out and saw my tongue ring, I have to get a new one.I went in the car and waited...

* * *

I walked to my locker and put my gym bag and my lunch box in my locker.

"Hey Loren!"Someone said.

I turned around and saw Mark in glasses.I giggled.

"What's with the glasses?"I asked.

"They're for reading and stuff like that, Just until i get my contacts".

"Cool"I smiled.

I moved out the way so he can get to his locker.I closed mine and put my bag on.

"Bye Mark, I gotta get to class"I smiled then waved and he waved back.

* * *

I walked into the locker room and saw all the girls.

"Hey"I said, smiling.

"Hey Loren"They said.

I put down my gym bag and unzipped it.I took off my clothes and put on my shorts and crop top.I opened my Locker room Locker and grabbed my pom poms.I put on my shoes then tied them.I grabbed my phone and headphones then put my gym bag in the locker.I locked it up and went out.I saw Mark, Zach and another kid talking.I ran up on the bleachers.

"Hey Mark, Can you hold this?"I asked, handing him my Phone and headphones.

"Yeah sure Loren, Oh, I hope you do good at practice"He smiled.

"Thanks"I giggled then ran down then bleachers.

I walked over to the rest of the cheersquad.They were all line up.

"Okay Kyle and Devon"I signaled them to come.

"Um...Ariel, Josh and Tyler"I pointed them to be over there.

"Ariana, Rachel, Kendall, and Emily, You guys in the front".

They went in the front and everyone was in the position.I went in the front of them.

"Okay You guys do a Ariel then backflip and a split, Boys, You throw us up in the air, Ariel we do a flip then you guys catch us, Got it?"I asked.

They nodded.I went between Kyle and Devon.We did some of the routine and they lifted me up.They threw me up and i did a flip.I fell to the ground.There was a huge pain in my Leg.I screamed to the top of my lungs.Everyone crowded around me.I sat there holding on my Leg and crying.

"Loren Are you okay?"They asked.

"It hurts! I can't move it"I cried.

"Loren!"Someone yelled.

i looked up and saw Mark.He ran through the crowd and crouched down to me.He opened up my phone and called someone, There wasn't a lock on my phone so that's how he got in.

"Hello? is this Loren's dad?"Mark asked.

"Give me the phone!"I cried.

He handed me the phone.

"D-Daddy! It hurts!"I Cried.

"What does honey?".

"My-My Leg, i fell"I sniffled.

"I'm on my way back".

He hung up.

"Guys The Ambulance is on it's way"Ariel said.

"Hey What's going on?!?!"Coach yelled.

He came over and saw me on the ground.

"What happened!"He yelled.

"She fell, I think she broke her leg"Mark explained.

Mark picked me up and walked over the the bleachers.I sat up and saw my leg was swollen.Everyone followed and crowded around me.I heard sirens.

* * *

I walked up to the door on my crutches and Dad opened the door for me.They said in 3 weeks i could lose the crutches and change to a brace and it would take 10 weeks to heal.We walked in.I went to the couch and sat down.He grabbed a pillow and lifted my leg up carefully.He placed the pillow under it and set it down.

"Dad, I'm fine"I sighed.

He sat down next to me.

"I'm sorry this happened"He said.

"It's not anyone's fault"I said.

I rested my head on his shoulder and soon fell asleep.

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