Not With My Daughter

Someone bumped into me, causing them and there books to fall. "I am so sorry"I said then helped them. I looked up and saw a quiffed haired boy. "I'm Loren"I smiled. "I'm Mark"He looked up and smiled. I handed him his books and we got up. "Come On Loren! Joey's about to go on!"Ariel dragged me. He was cute...


3. Chapter 3|Neighbors and Dinners

* * *


I hopped on my hover board and went outside.

"Ariel!"I yelled as i hit the street.

She turned around on her hover board and came over.Zach was on his and he came over too.We spun around a lot until my dad came out.

"The neighbors are inside, come in"He said.

"Bye guys!"I said as i waved.

"Bye Loren!"They said.

I rode until the step and got off.I picked it up and went in.I put it by the door and closed the door.I walked into the dining room because the guests were in there.When i walked in i saw Mark.

"Hey Mark"I said smiling.

He looked up and smiled.

"Hey Loren"he said smiling.

I walked over at sat next to him.My dad sat at one end of the table and a blonde guy sat on the other.We talked a while and i got to know that this was Jack Johnson, The other Jack.

* * *

I yawned as i got into my bed.My dad came in.

"Good Night Lorex"He joked.

I smiled.

"Good night dad"I said.

He closed the door and i laid down.He's weird.I soon fell asleep.

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