Hermione Draco Love


1. Um..What

Hermione POV: "Ron please go away I have to study for the exams tomorrow!" I said to Ron "Oh come on Hermione, what's so important about the exams anyway?" asked Ron "Oh I don't know maybe, our careers!" I yelled as i got up from where I was sitting and left the common room. I still had a little bit of time left to cram in some more studying. She thought to herself as she dashed to the library to find a quite place to continue studying. She finally arrived at the library. She slammed her books on the nearby table and sat down she immediately got to work. She could see Draco out of the corner of her eye looking frustrated. She decided to just ignore him. About five minutes later I heard somebody trying to get my attention, it was Draco. I whispered to him, "What do you want Malfoy!" I said trying to pretend I was mad. "Hermione can you help me with this." said Draco, she was so confused no Mudblood, this was very unusual. "Fine" I said getting up and walking over to Malfoy.

Hey guys sometimes when I switch to another POV I start from before the first persons point of view it might get a little confusing but you'll get the hang of it.

From, RowenaRavenclaw <3 :)

Draco POV

I tell Blaise and pansy that I am going to the library to study they said have fun. Pfft, yeah right. I get to the library and sit down. Oh crap, I forget what the ingredients are in a Mundane Midnight potion! And I left my book in Professor Snape's office when he called me in to talk to me about my low test scores. I try and search around the library for something that might help me. Hmm lets see ' Moste Potente Potions' Nah 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Nah not that either. 'Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone' Oh that sounds like a good story should read it sometime. No there is nothing here I am starting to panic but I need to keep my cool, even if I am the only one here. I sit down and try to figure it out. Is it Woodrinkle or Weedlie I forget. After a while of nothing but frustration I see Granger walk in too, probably to read or something like that. I love the look on her face while she's studying. Wait.... What am I saying..... Am I.....

Ok guys I hope you like the story so far tell me in the comment what u think and what u think of Dramione if you think they are a good ship.

Love from,

RowenaRavenclaw <3 :)

Hermione POV

I walked over to Malfoy. He seemed to mature a little in his face, he looked very thin but muscular which I liked wait what the hell am I saying no way I am not falling in love no no no no no. Draco said "I left my potions book in the potions room." Go figure. " Any way what do you need help with" i asked "I forget which one goes into the Mundane Midnight, Woodrinkle or Weedlie." Draco asked " You're kidding right Malfoy you add both you first chop up the Weedlie then you crush up the Woodrinkle." As I say this realization dawns on his face. I help him with the rest of his potions homework. Then finally when he was done he said the strangest thing " You're a Genius Hermione" coming close to me our lips barely touching I felt like millions of fireworks going off around me he leaned in farther and we kissed I forgot where we were. I pulled out of our kiss. And ran. I ran as fast I could go. I ran back up to the common room ran up to the girls dorm. Ginny was sitting on her bed apparently waiting for me to get back. Before she could ask me any questions I was asleep.

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