I couldn't live without you- a fremione story

Fred and Hermione find love together when Hermione is in her 4th year but they keep it secret for fear of being found so they meet at night and they get dirty


5. which side are you on

After the abortion Hermione and Fred were more careful till one day she awoke in a very unusual room of which she had never seen before. She was met by a cloaked figure who sounded like a snake and she immediately knew it was, VOLDEMORT!!

'Hello Hermione, I sssseeeee you have awoke' he said.

'Hello Tom, what do you want?' She asked.

'You see mudblood I have been watching you and have decided now to kidnap you' Voldemort said.

'Why?' She asked.

'I shall show you' he said.

He chained her upon the wall, stripped her down and flogged her.

Once she was unconscious he awoke her and said 'Hermione you helped Harry Potter which means you deserve to be hurt and I also hate stupid mudbloods. Now you will be hurt then killed in front of those you love.' Voldemort said.

'Please don't hurt me I beg of you' she pleaded

'The only way for you to escape hurt is to join me' he said

'Ok' I said.

She was then bruised and beaten so no one would know she had joined him. Once unconscious he aparated her to hogwarts and levitated her to follow and took her to the great hall.

Once inside her chained her to a wall and threatened to kill her if they did not join her, when no one but the Slytherins joined he awoke her and made a Slytherin flog her and place her in a sleep.

Now Fred joined as well as a few others who loved Hermione. Now he killed Dumbledore and placed all of the none believers into the dungeons. Hermione was placed on an alter in the great hall till she awoke.

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