I couldn't live without you- a fremione story

Fred and Hermione find love together when Hermione is in her 4th year but they keep it secret for fear of being found so they meet at night and they get dirty


3. the night club

about a week after moving in with father I asked him if I could taking the Weasley twins and Angelina too a night club as they were nearly of age and I wanted to meet someone like my father and mother. after a large argument he gave in and helped me make us fake identifications.

we set out and were told to be back for breakfast.

The night club-

Once we were in George and Angelina went to party whilst me and fred bought a Drink and went and sat down in a private booth for some alone time and have some fun.

'oh 'mione I love you so much but we can not tell anyone of our love and with that we began snogging and giving each other lap dances, we began to strip till we were naked and he slipped his huge tender cock into my tight wet pussy and he immediately ejaculated, he began to move and then he move himself and positioned his cock to my mouth and he began feeding me his succulent cum. when we finished he was about to do a cleaning charm on me but I wouldn't allow it and wanted to keep it dripping from my tight cunt like the dirty slutty whore I am and he agreed.

once dressed we went to party and left a little later with George and Angelina, we were extremely drunk and decided we would all sleep with our partners and apparate away in the morning.


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