Divergent 2

***this story is about a girl that is the same age as Tris but Four falls in love with her instead when she transfers to Dauntless from Abnegation and gets the same tattoo as Four but around her hip instead*** please enjoy the story!!!


1. The test

"Amelia come up stairs so I can cut your hair please?" Mum called from upstairs so I walk up and sit in front of her so she can start cutting my hair, " are you nervous? You know me and your father will love you if you leave Abnegation for a different faction okay?" She stops cutting my hair for me to nod, she puts my hair into a bun then unlocks the mirror

"You okay?"

"yeah, at least Beatrice will be at the test with Kaleb"

"yep, okay that's all you get" she closes the mirror door "you know the rules"

I get up and walk down stairs, give my parents a kiss and a hug good bye and leave.

***1 hour later***

"Hi my name is Danni and welcome to your test that will determine what faction you will belong in, sit back and drink this" she hands me a vile with clear blue liquid so I drinks it and close my eyes.


I open my eyes and look around, the walls are covered in mirrors, I see two tables one has meat and the other has a knife "choose" says a voice, "choose what?" "choose" "no, what are they for?" "CHOOSE" "no"

I hear a bark and see a dog running at me so I just slide down, bow my head and close my eyes, when I open them I see the dog in front of me so I reach out to pat it when I hear a voice, "doggy!" I turn around and face the girl then I look back at the dog and see that it was running at the girl so I get up and run, I leap onto the dog and go through the floor


I open my eyes, "come on get up you'll go out the back door" says Danni,

"what was my results? Danni what were my results?"

"Abnegation, and Dauntless and Erudite"

"what does that mean?"

"they call it Divergent, so go home and say that the serum made you sick so you had to leave okay?" I just nod and leave the test room.

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