Divergent 2

***this story is about a girl that is the same age as Tris but Four falls in love with her instead when she transfers to Dauntless from Abnegation and gets the same tattoo as Four but around her hip instead*** please enjoy the story!!!


2. choosing ceremony

"Now the choosing ceremony will begin" Marcus walked up to the table behind the bowls that represent the factions Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Amity and Candor.

"Amelia Jackson" i freeze then i stand up and walk over to the bowls and grab the knife, i look over my shoulder at mum and dad, kaleb (in Erudite) and Beatrice (Dauntless) so i face back to the bowls and cut my hand. I hold my hand over the Dauntless bowl and let my blood drip, "Dauntless" says Marcus in his loud voice.

"WHOO LETS GO" screams one of the Dauntless born so we run through the streets, I'm running next to Beatrice. Soon i see a railroad and see that it is shaking which means the train is coming, so i start to climb up the tracks as the train starts so come, as i get to the top everyone starts running again so i try to catch up but i lag behind until I'm almost behind the last car, i feel someone lift me up under my arms so i look up and see an Erudite and a Candour helping me, as soon as I'm put on my feet in the train car i turn to look at the people that helped me 

"Thanks, I'm Amelia, Abnegation"

"I'm Will, Erudite the other boy that helped you is Albert, Candour"

"I'm Christina also Candour"

I hear the train whistle and lean out the window and see that they are jumping, "their jumping, look!" they lean out of the car door as well, i back up then run and jump

I land on the roof but don't have time to look at my elbow as the leader calls us over to a ledge, "This is the only way into Dauntless, so who's going first?"

"me" i step up to the ledge and take my jumper to see my tight dress, i hear some whistles as i step on to the ledge then jump.

I land in a net, i take a few breaths as i feel the net being pulled so i get up and crawl to edge but when i get to the

edge, "What did you do, get pushed?" i just shake my head

"my name is Four, whats yours?" i think for a minuet, i remember my nickname that my mum gave me and say it out loud

"Mia, thats my name"

"first jumper Mia, welcome to Dauntless"

~~~~~1 hour later~~~~~

"Initiates, follow me" we all follow Four out into the corridor and down some stair and into a room with beds

"You'll be sleeping here for the next ten weeks and if you like this you'll like the bathroom" he leads us into the bathroom 

"You'll fit right in Candour, everything out in the open" he leaves so we can get changed, i slip on my trousers on first then i take my dress off then i put my t-shirt and jacket on then Christina, Will, Al and me walk into the dinning room

we walk along the rows of tables until we come to one that only has Four, "shall we sit there?" ask Christina, i just nod so we go to sit down

we start talking about our old factions until Four speaks up saying that he didn't want to hear about our old fctions

"Were you a transfer or Dauntless born?" i ask

"Why are you talking to me?"

"Well your so approachable" i say then get back to eating while the others laugh, we hear the cups banging against the table so we stop talking and turn to see the leader talking, "Bed! NOW" everyone gets up and hurry to bed while we head to the Dormitories and get ready for bed.






this is my new movellas based on the movie/book of Divergent but this is my take on things so enjoy;)

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