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Living with a difference is always hard, there will always be people to hate, to hurt, to try and pick you apart from the crowd like an animal. It's not easy being different, especially with super powers. 17 different people across the world get stuck by pieces of the same meteor that had crossed into Earth's path. Not only were they extremely injured, but they developed new skills, beyond anything anyone has ever seen. Needed to be protected a secret organization "IDA" must find them all and study them as much as they can to learn about them and help them keep their secret before anyone finds out, however an inside source uses the information to create their own monsters, and the only way to stop them is to put the 17 super humans to the test against them. [This is an under construction blurb and may be changed at any time :) ]


1. CNN News Transcript

CNN News Transcript

Saturday,July 8th, 8:30 PM



(CNN Theme)

Female Reporter: News has struck that a undetected meteor has passed through the atmosphere at approximately 130,000 mph causing worldwide panic at it explodes into several different chunks.

Male Reporter: Where they will land and how soon is unknown however you should stay home and indoors as much as you to avoid possible injury.

Female Reporter: Although the bigger pieces may have a higher chance at hitting rural communities, please do not rule out the possibility of it crashing in urban cities or small chunks relating to.

Male Reporter: Stay tuned to get more updates on the status of what NASA is calling a Worldwide Emergency

(CNN outro)


Saturday,July 8th, 9:02 pm


(CNN theme) 

Female Reporter: We are back with more news regarding "Xena" the name for the Meteor that recently crashed into Earth, causing worldwide panic

(Footage of videos capturing "Xena")

Male Reporter: As of now, it has been reported that bigger chunks of "Xena" has landed in New York City, Sydney Australia,Hollywood California and Manhattan. So far 3 deaths have been reported and as much as 17 seriously injured. Time will only tell whether or not more chunks will collide into populated areas. 

(Footage of police scenes and victims being wheeled into ambulances)

Female Reporter: NASA claims that this is not the end to "Xena" and we should be as cautious as possible when regarding our safety along with the safety of others.

Male Reporter: If you see any part of the meteor in the sky close to you, call it into your nearest police station and report it as it may help evacuate surrounding areas.

Female Reporter: We hope you stay safe, See you tomorrow

(CNN outro)  


Sunday,July 9th, 10:00 am


(CNN Theme)

Female Reporter: Welcome Back to CNN News, before we start on the usual news we do have urgent news about "Xena" the meteor that silently crashed into the earth, causing panic around the world

(Footage of crash sites, burning homes, and crying people)

Male Reporter: It has been confirmed by NASA that the most dangerous pieces of "Xena" have been grounded and that many smaller chunks may fall down during this week however will be less harmful but to still stay cautious

Female Reporter: On our updated list about 4 countries were affected by "Xena"

(List of Countries)

Male Reporter: In America we have the following cities and states that have been impacted; Hollywood, California, New York City, New York, Manhattan, New York, Miami, Florida, Carthage, Missouri, Cody, Wyoming, Ann Arbor, Michigan,Atlanta, Georgia, and Asheville, North Carolina. More than 30 people have been killed and 75 have been seriously injured. In Europe, in the Greenwich area of London, along with Hammersmith with a total of 23 dead and 12 injured.In Russia the city of Saint Petersburg was the most impacted with 10 dead and 15 injured and lastly in Australia, Sydney has a death count of 15 and a wounded count of 43. 

Female Reporter: As hospitals fill up with patients, please donate supplies to your local Red Cross or any local heath or rehabilitation center to help. If you would like to volunteer to help search the remains of neighborhoods for more survivors and help rebuild please contact your local police station for more information

Male Reporter: We will have more "Xena" news as it comes however we must move on to sports.

(Footage of a male sports reporter at a Football event)

[End Tape]





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