The Box (a short story)

**Short Story** Sofia's mom passes away when she was ten, leading to a traumatic childhood. Then, on her 15th birthday, a package made by her mother for her when she was three arrives. story by Ilyushka, edited by Mrs Panda


4. epilouge

"C'mon Mommy!" Riley giggled in the doorway. "It's time for your birthday dinner!" 

"Daddy burnt the pasta," Nick said darkly. "so Grandpa suggests we go out for pizza." 

"Sounds good!" I laughed. "But I'll be up in a bit, I'm looking for something." Riley ran downstairs, but Nick stayed.

"What is there to find in the attic?" Nick asked. "Spiders?" 

"Memories," I said. Riley came back up. 

"Grandpa says to tell you that you only turn 35 once in your life," Riley said, and then hopped back down the stairs. Nick followed, trying to convince her not to wear a princess dress to the pizza place. 

I sighed and lifted down a couple of boxes down, finding what I was looking for, a 32-year-old box, still unopened. I stared at the round sticker on it. Someday maybe I'd open it. Not today. I began to put it away, but Dad came up. He saw what I was looking at and sighed. 

"Haven't seen that in years." He frowned at the box. "Not opening it today, huh?" 

"Not today," I said, and we walked down the stairs togeather. 

"You look great, Sofia," Greg said. 

"As usual." I joked. He laughed. 

"Well, let's get going." He smiled.

"PIZZA PIZZA!!!!" Riley screeched, and we all set out into the outside world.

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