The Box (a short story)

**Short Story** Sofia's mom passes away when she was ten, leading to a traumatic childhood. Then, on her 15th birthday, a package made by her mother for her when she was three arrives. story by Ilyushka, edited by Mrs Panda


3. 5 years later....


Finally, a night to myself. 

College was harder than I could expect, but I was ok. Southern California University wasn't the easiest thing to get into, but I managed to write a terrific application about my life, so they understood my terrible middle school grades. I went into a local restaurant and sat down at the bar. I was only 20, but I was going to turn 21 in a month, so as long as I don't order a drink with alcohol, I'd be fine.

"Hey, beautiful." A deep voice behind me mutters. I wheel around to see a blonde man wearing a red velvet color sweater. I give him a disgusted  look. "What's with your face?" 

"Go away," I laughed and turned around. 

"You're an SCU junior, aren't you?" He asked. 

"Yeah, what're you?" I replied. 

"Senior." He said. 

"Ahh..." I said. 

"I'm Greg. Greg Mathews." He said.

"Sofia Melingo." I smiled and shook his hand. 

"Sooo..." He paused and sat down in the chair next to mine. "Tell me about you." 

"What do you want to know?" I questioned.

"What's your story?" He asked. "Why are you here?" 

"Well," I sighed. "That's an interesting tale..." 

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