1. Her

It’s over

You seems as if you don’t care

But I do

You confuse me

You say you just needed space

You seem like you thought you just needed her


The reason I can’t have you

From the beginning I knew it would end with her

Maybe I wasn’t enough for you

I thought you were enough for

No I thought you were more than enough

From the first time we touched I felt something with you

And you said you felt that way too

You promised me that girl was out of the picture

That you felt way more strongly about me than her

It was nice

The ten months and couple of last days

The weekend before was one of my favorite moments ever

But I guess that didn’t mean anything because you were already thinking about leaving

For her

Not for space

You didn’t tell the truth

I would’ve understand afterall

Leaving is better than cheating

You said you loved me when you left

But if you loved me as much as I still love you

You wouldn’t have left

You would still be here and I wouldn’t be writing this.

I wouldn’t be feeling like I’m slowly falling apart

Just to be put back together again everyday when we talk and I get a smile

Then the cycle starts again

It started with her

I still hope it ends with me

No matter how hurt I’ve been

No matter how confused

How mad

How sad

How much anxiety I’ve had

I still love you

And I’d take you back in a heartbeat

But for now you can stay with her

If she makes you happy be with her

That’s all I want you to be

No matter how I feel

You can be with her

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