The Unlucky Life Of Lacy

This story is based on a real story, so please do enjoy and maybe give some suggestions if possible.


2. Day 2: 8/25

           It was the next day and yesterday had gone by so fast somehow. Anyhow, today was slightly better than yesterday I guess. As you can tell, I skipped writing down my morning routine. Basically, its the same thing every morning, so I'm not gonna bother to write it over and over again. I should probably worry about school more that talking about my mornings, so here goes nothing.

            Today was the first day we actually ''did'' P.E. There was not much interesting things to say about the day I had, but I guess i'll go ahead and say a bit of it. Where do I start... Oh right, I should probably mention what happened in the morning. I basically hanged out with my ''friends'' in the morning, watching them look at G-Mod on You tube. Sounds like something they do every year, oh wait, that's because THEY DO.

             Anyhow, This morning in P.E, sunny came a little late, and until she came, I was talking to some other stranger. At least sunny gets to sit behind me, I totally hate it when I sit next to someone I don't know. Once our teacher said we can get into groups, I was hoping it would be with Rin, Sunny, Rylan and me of course,although they did end up having to go to a different group since our group got filled up quickly with a bunch of girls I didn't even mostly know.    

              The game we played was volleyball, and by the end of the class, my hands were VERY red, no joke. I usually never play so it hurt pretty badly. During lunch, I sat with a friend of mine along with Rin. It was kinda awkward at first, but then we started up a conversation, on Pokemon/Pokemon go...  yea what am I saying, It was way worse than when we were not talking, especially since he doesn't collect Pokemon... After That, There was nothing much interesting. At the end of the day, we all sat down at a bench outside, except Rin, he sat under the tree, and felt the water pour down on him from the blooming flowers. Of course, I felt it too because the bench was under the tree.


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