The Unlucky Life Of Lacy

This story is based on a real story, so please do enjoy and maybe give some suggestions if possible.


1. Day 1: 8/24

   The alarm would set off. 

     "Gosh, its that time of day already?" It was my first day of school and I was really exited to go. I get to have a fresh start, new campus, new teachers, but what I was most excited about was making new friends! The only problem was, I didn't know how to make any friends, or at least that's what I thought.

        As soon as I got downstairs, I ate breakfast, said goodbye to my mom and I was off to school. This was like no other school, we were all ''special'' here in our own ways. I was a normal girl, except, I had no luck. Kids at my old school would always call me the ''black cat'' or just said I am the unluckiest person that ever existed.


        Like I did in my old school, I sat as far back as I could from the front and made sure nobody was gonna sit there. I was left alone as I wanted until the bell rang, one of my old friends came in, along with someone else. I was assuming that was just another one of his friends. Although, that thought of mine didn't last long. They started to fight just as I was about to ask if they were friends.


        As soon as they stopped, I talked to the kid I didn't know. This is more or less of what happened... "Hey, do I know you?" He seemed quiet for a moment, then he glanced to Rylan then back to me. He simply replied with a "No, why?". I was looking down at that time and then I said "I-i don't know, sorry to bother..." I ran to a wall in shame and at that moment I realized that was a mistake. I didn't bother to look or go back, so I hid my face, regretting not being able to talk and I was now crying in my mind.

        That was the first time EVER, I had run away from trying to start a conversation, and from what I heard from my friend Sunny, my face was slightly red. This had all happened in the gym during P.E. class.  My friend sunny said that I liked him. Of course, my face just had to give it away again, turning way redder than earlier.

            After that happened, I decided to go over to Rylan and his ''friend''. We did actually end up having a conversation with pretty much everyone talking at the same time. After class ended, I had a thought in mind. Did he think of me as his friend, or was I just talking to him because my friend Rylan was there? Oh and almost forgot to mention his name. His name, is Rin.




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