My Story

In a version of Harry Potter where Tonks and Lupin lived, They had a another child after Teddy. Her name was Willow Tonks. But things didnt go as planned.


1. My name is Willow Tonks.

      "Ruby!" My mother screeched at me, waking me up. "Get dressed and get down here! Quickly!" She exclaimed. 
   I got out of bed tiredly. I quickly changed out of my emoji pajamas into a black skirt with purple flowers on it. My shirt was a lighter purple with a butterfly on it. I looked into the mirror. I thought about what color I wanted my hair to be, and it soon changed from a brown, to a light blonde. I didn't do anything to my face today, meaning I had my natural green eyes, and freckles. -I should explain, ever since I was a baby, I have been able to change my appearance at will. And often when I am mad, or sad, my hair changes its color, matching what ever mood i am in. Anyway, back to the story-
   I went down the stairs, and saw my mother and father sitting on the couch. My mum had tears streaming down her face. She was holding a few pieces of paper. Across from them sat a older woman, she had her hair in a tight bun. She was in robes. Her attention drew to me when I walked in.
      "Hello." She said. "I am Minivra Mcgonagall. Please have a seat." She told me. I went and sat down next to my mum. I glanced at the papers. I saw birth documents.
     "What's going on?" I asked timidly.
      "Well, first of all, you name is not Ruby Johnson." Mcgonagall began. I looked at my parents, whom both looked extremely sad. "You name is Willow Tonks" 

((AU: Hello peoples! This is my first story ever! Yah! Sorry its so short, but the next chapter is coming soon. I hope you liked it! Please comment down below if you have any suggestions for me! Constructive criticism is ok. Toodles~ Willow))

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