Dear Clarissa

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  • Published: 25 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 18 Sep 2017
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I miss you. I wish you were still here. You know, most people would, leave a note when they leave, but you didn't leave anything. You didn't leave a hint. I think that's what screwed me up the most. You didn't explain why you left.



1. Dear Clarissa 0.1



Dear Clarissa,


I found out what you did and can I say, that I do not agree with it. AT ALL. I don't understand why, though. You left everyone that cared for you, including me. I cared for you so much, but I'm starting to think that you didn't care. I shouldn't say that, but that's how I feel now. You never even explained why you did it, which made me even angrier. Yeah, I've been getting angry lately. You were the only one who could help with my anger issues, but now that you aren't here, I've been out of control. I've been getting angry with everyone, even little Tommy and I know you love him and wouldn't be happy with me. I've been getting in detentions again because I'm in fights almost every day, but I'm really trying. It's kind of hard for me to try hard when the person you care the most is gone. Forever.


Yours truly,





So here is another story. I hope you really like it. I can tell I'm going to like it. Thanks!

-Zireee (just a heads up I might put "desejo" sometimes instead of "Zireee". Desejo is my name in Portuguese Brazilian, lol)  

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